Pelham, Early County cancel games until October

Pelham and Early County have canceled games until October because of positive COVID-19 tests or contact.

Pelham acknowledged a positive test among a member of its team late Monday afternoon, and Early County, which played Pelham last week, also shut down because of potential exposure.

“The regional health director told us that any kid that got on the field with that other player would have to quarantine,” Early County coach Joel Harvin told GHSF Daily. “We were up in the game and you do what you normally do, and we played all of our second and third team. That includes the defensive backs that didn’t even get close to him.” 

That led to 31 players going into quarantine. Pelham had games scheduled against Irwin County and Clinch County.

Irwin quickly replaced its Sept. 18 game with Cook. Early County was scheduled to play Mitchell County this week and Enterprise, Ala., on Sept. 25.