Q: I’ve earned four degrees and have traveled around the world. This has helped me understand people and cultures and the reasons why people are so different, and even hostile toward one another. Most hatred seems to come from religious persuasions. People fight over the silliest things, lik…

“You are welcome!” I cannot begin to convey how many times I heard that phrase during our recent time in Uganda. My initial response (in my head, of course) was, “I didn’t say, ‘Thank you. What are talking about?’ ”

Q: My grandparents are products of the 1960s and they were all in, and still are. I have taken a different route and am a Christian. They keep giving me their books about self-empowerment and say that the Bible supports this ideology. I have read parts of these books that seem unbiblical. — M.B.

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Q: I’ve never understood the concept of walking with God. I grew up in church, but it doesn’t make sense to me to walk with someone who is not on Earth. — R.D.

Q: Do people understand that what is considered sexual freedom is actually pornography? How has society become so entrenched in sexual perversion but not recognizing it for what it is? — P.S.

Q: The world is trembling at the thought of another war in Europe. If the world is truly God’s family, having a sense of “brotherhood,” shouldn’t this give us pause? — W.T.

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Q: There is so much said today about young people not being able to “adult.” I’m told it means that young people are not being taught how to grow up. What is the problem? – Y.A.

Q: A phrase has emerged in society that everyone uses now but few can explain what it means: “a person of faith.” I’m a person of faith in that I believe in God, but I don’t consider myself a Christian because there’s a great deal of the Bible I disagree with. — P.F.

Q: For the most part, I’m a happy person. I’ve been married for two years, have an important job, and quite a large Facebook following and have invested a lot of time into building a cool platform. But many posts I read make me wonder what life is all about. Even when things are going well, …

SENOIA — The I-58 Mission’s weekly food pantry is available to residents of Spalding, Coweta, Fayette and Meriwether counties.

Q: There have always been wicked leaders of the world. Is man capable of determining good leaders from bad leaders? Does the Bible call out wicked leaders? — G.B.

Q: I grew up in a home where nasty language was used at the kitchen table and in every conversation. When I became an adult, it was natural to communicate the same way. I’ve become a Christian and friends tell me that I should clean up my mouth. Can this habit be broken? — T.H.

Q: I visited the Titanic exhibit and found it interesting to read the account of how many “souls” were lost in that tragedy. It makes me curious as to why people are referred to as souls instead of bodies or people. We cannot see a soul; is it similar to our imaginations? — S.B.

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Q: I own several versions of the Bible but have been told that the King James Version is the most popular. This is surprising when some of the language is archaic. Why is this? — V.B.

Q: Watching the movie “A Quiet Place” has me asking a lot of questions about the apocalypse and it’s disturbing because it isn’t about a quiet place, but full of terror and death. It made me feel frantic. What is the truth about the meaning of apocalypse? — E.T.

Q: Watching the movie “A Quiet Place” has me asking a lot of questions about the apocalypse and it’s disturbing because it isn’t about a quiet place, but full of terror and death. It made me feel frantic. What is the truth about the meaning of apocalypse? – E.T.

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First Christian Church in Griffin observed Memorial Day by remembering those who gave their lives in service to the country, Mary Grant, church elder, said. Church members also remembered the 19 children and two teachers killed in the May 24 school shooting in Uvalde, Texas, Grant added.

Q: I am trying to teach my teenagers the importance of showing respect for those who have died, but my friends tell me that young people should not be burdened with sickness, death, and funerals. I grew up helping the sick and attending funerals, even funerals of teenagers. It seems that lea…

I have always been fascinated by the idea of “addition by subtraction.” At times, our impact and effectiveness can be increased when we take away distractions and focus on what is most important.

Q: In the age of tolerance-accepting everything — I wonder if the Bible teaches tolerance as a good principle or attribute? — T.M.

Q: I play college baseball and am also a youth pastor. I like to use sports analogies in my messages but am criticized for it. Is this wrong? — C.B.

Q: Since the COVID-19 pandemic, fear has gripped societies in every nation on Earth. In trying to encourage my own friends, I’ve said that the greatest pandemic is that of fear and that God can help us overcome fear by fearing Him. Am I wrong? — F.G.

Q: The conflict between communities and law enforcement is troubling. It seems people are forgetting the purpose of the laws we’ve lived by for over 200 years. It’s no wonder many rebel against the God of the Ten Command- ments. — A.C.

The topic of conversation this time of year often revolves around future plans, dreams and goals in light of it being graduation season. While most people engaging in these conversations are high school and college graduates, people of every age and stage should always plan and dream big all…

How does one begin to describe an infinite God with finite words and ideas? Over the centuries, some theologians have opted for a method known as “via negativa,” a Latin phrase that could literally be translated as “the way of the negative.” Instead of focusing on describing who or what God …

Q: It is hard to watch the breakdown of our nation and to hear the talking heads pontificate on the changes that have taken place in society, particularly the pride in living without religious trappings. Why do people resent the power of God but devise idols that can only feed their greed fo…

Q: Is it important to have a baby christened? This used to be a big deal but not so much anymore. — I.C.

Q: Is it true that God’s love is different from what most people think of as love? — M.L.

Q: I’ve been praying for a co-worker who is severely depressed. I came right out and asked if she’d give her heart to the Lord. To my grief, she was greatly offended. — C.F.

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Q: As a recent retiree, I have to admit that I am fearful for the future when I look at the state of the world and how it impacts all of us. I admit that I worry that I’ll have enough money to sustain me in my old age. How does one stop worry before it destroys them? — W.S.


Berea Baptist Church Pastor Mark Davis and Brenda Davis deliver treats to Spalding County Sheriff's Office Deputy Joshua Phillips, Deputy Benjamin Manley, Deputy Ahlesltia Smith and Deputy Leonard 'Tree' Wilson.

After almost 40 years in ministry, I have found that there will always be those couples who are never willing to be transparent about their marriage. They say things to me like, “Oh, Pastor! Our marriage is made in Heaven!” To which I always respond with this statement, “So is thunder and li…

Q: Society is steeped in sensuality. Years ago, the answer was that young people needed more education in the area of sexual relations, but it seems to me that this is what has caused the moral fibers to deteriorate. As a youth pastor, I wonder what I can do to encourage young people to seek…

In the midst of a week filled with questioning, pain and unspeakable horror, we all need to be reminded that God is with us. Though darkness threatens us, it will not overcome us. May we stand secure on the promise that we are not (and never will be) alone.

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Q: The Bible indicates that God is sometimes angry. I become angry about many things and I’m a Christian. I feel guilty about it but when I see children mistreated and injustices around the world, I cannot contain my anger. Is it ever right to be angry? — C.A.

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ATLANTA — A State Transportation Board committee voted Wednesday to approve an agreement with a roadbuilding consortium to redesign the interchange of interstates 285 and 20 east of Atlanta.

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Q: It has been sad to watch the entertainment companies go from family entertainment to vile entertainment. How is it possible to keep a pure mind? — M.P.

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Despite its name, many readers of the book of Revelation find it to be shrouded in mystery. Too often, it is viewed as a coded predictor of the future (end times). Many interpreters suggest that merely decoding the message would give us a clear timeline of the church’s future.

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Q: Why do people continue to doubt the validity of Jesus, His history, and claims when it has stood the test of time? As a seminary student, it’s discouraging to hear Bible professors question God’s truth. I know the truth for myself, but I wish I could be more articulate in my responses whe…

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Q: I keep hearing about young people leaving the church and they are known as “the nones,” believing in something but not identifying with religion. How can this be? — T.N.

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SENOIA — The I-58 Mission opened its doors on May 1 to give the public a look at the work that takes place behind the scenes at the mission.

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We are a family that savors a morning cup of coffee. The first thing that I do in the mornings, after letting the dog out, is to fill the kettle with water and begin making two cups of coffee — one for me and one for the missus.

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Q: My family has been watching a documentary on reincarnation and now my teenagers seriously believe that they may have lived at another time. I thought by allowing them to watch this program it would broaden their minds but instead it has troubled them. I don’t know how to turn them around. — R.F.

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Q: I lived through the Great Depression but what we are going through today in this country doesn’t compare. A more serious depression is taking the lives of the elderly and even the young people. We brag about our progress but with the high numbers of suicide, I don’t believe this is the pr…

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Perhaps because I don’t have children, I never gave much thought to the importance of good mothers.