Q: Sometimes I feel that nothing I do turns out right even when I go the extra mile. I pray and ask God to help me see things differently but I stay discouraged. Since God promises to be with us, why do I feel defeated? — D.S.

Q: Sometimes I feel that nothing I do turns out right even when I go the extra mile. I pray and ask God to help me see things differently but I stay discouraged. Since God promises to be with us, why do I feel defeated? — D.S.

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I come from sturdy people. I say this, not in a spirit of bragging, but simply as a statement of fact. They were blue collar folk — farmers and ranchers, mostly. They knew the satisfaction of a hard day’s work. They knew about tilling ground, planting seed, tending orchards year after painst…

Q: There’s a lot in the news about converting cash into gold. I am surprised that the world of finance uses a spiritual term when talking about converting cash into gold. — C.C.

Q: I am part of the baby boomer generation and we grew up at a good time in America. I don’t know that my grandchildren will ever know the good times that our nation once knew. It seems like everyone should slow down and turn the culture around. Is this a pipe dream? — S.D.

Q: In studying the religions of the world, my professor does not dispute that Jesus was a historical figure, but that’s all. She argues this without taking anything from the Bible into consideration. Isn’t this denial of the truth? — H.C.

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“Dear Lord…Thank you, Lord…Praise the Lord…Lord, have mercy.” To refer to the Divine as “Lord” is a rather common part of the prayer vocabulary for people of faith. What does it mean, however, to call Jesus, Lord?

Q: If society would concentrate more on the good things people do — like rescue missions — wouldn’t it turn our minds to something better and bring hope? — G.N.

Q: Is it true that God’s salvation is a form of a pardon as though we never committed a wrong against Him? And does this have anything to do with committing the unpardonable sin? — P.S.

Q: Is it really possible to have the God who created the world and mankind to be our friend? He is so perfect and we are so imperfect. It seems far-fetched! — G.F.

“Are you listening to me?” After being together for more than two decades, my wife has gotten pretty good at reading my facial expressions. That said, I’m afraid that the glazed over eyes and far-away look probably gave me away pretty easily.

Q: As we celebrate Veterans Day, it’s grieving to watch our country — our national treasures of liberty and freedom — our foundation being destroyed. We immigrated to the United States in the early 20th century and have been blessed to become citizens of America and serve in the U.S. militar…

Q: The organization I work for gives a beautiful gold cross to all employees who serve the community during the year. Some refuse the gift saying that it offends them (because it is a cross). Others wear it proudly. What is the significance of the cross? — C.R.

Albino Luciano, better known to the world as Pope John Paul I, reigned as pope for only 34 days before his death in September 1978. But he will soon join the ranks of 20th-century popes who the Catholic Church has canonized. This literally means they have been entered on the “canon,” or list…

ations participate in some kind of food distribution program. While the government’s Supplemental Nutritional Assistance Program was helping nearly 42 million Americans purchase groceries in mid-2021, those benefits often don’t cover the full food costs of people facing economic hardship. An…

Q: During 2020, due to COVID-19 my husband and I began home schooling our son. He is just now getting into competition and the coach says that he is too meek and will probably not make the team. While we do not want him to be timid, neither do we want to make him so competitive that he loses…

The smell of homemade buttermilk biscuits transported me across space and time to summer in my Mamaw’s kitchen. There, mornings regularly consisted of a hot biscuit smothered with homemade pear preserves made from the week’s harvest. That is one my most favorite memories of time spent with Mamaw.

Q: My husband and I provide our children’s needs, and most of their wants, so we have been shaken to the core to hear our kids say that they are bored. We’ve given them everything possible to enjoy life and give them childhood memories that will last a lifetime. We feel like we’ve failed. — B.K.

Q: My class is studying the properties of water and the various sayings about water. I thought it would be a boring subject but I am learning so much about its value. What does the water of life mean? — C.M.

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Q: America prided itself as a fair and responsible nation — demonstrating the importance to vote with freedom. Yet today we are watching our nation take for granted one of our most prized treasures — democracy among people. It scares me to think that Americans today have forgotten what made …

When Amish gather for worship each week, they regularly sing the solemn, German-dialect hymns that their spiritual forebears composed nearly five centuries ago in a condition akin to that of 17 missionaries recently kidnapped in Haiti — captivity.

The unmistakable sound of multi-Dove and Grammy Award-winning recording artist David Phelps will be featured in Thomaston on Sunday, Nov. 21 at the Thomaston Baptist Church, at 1165 Hannah’s Mill Road.

Pictured is Emery Goolsby as the “Big Bad Wolf” and Spalding County Sheriff’s Officer Chief Dep. Tony Thomason at the First United Methodist Fall Festival on Oct. 24.

Rock Springs Christian Academy has announced that Bluebird Bus of Georgia has donated a 2018 school bus to the school. Pictured, from left, are Rock Spings Senior Pastor Benny Tate, Tim Gordon, and Head of School Reagan.

40 Days for Life. Campaign continues through Oct. 31 from 7 a.m. to 7 p.m. Volunteers will choose their own hour or hours and day or days. More information at 40daysforlife.com/forestpark or call John Devlin, 770-820-2540.

“Many sternly ordered him to be quiet, but he cried out even more loudly.” Good for you, Bartimaeus. You wouldn’t be silenced and your plea for mercy reached the ears of someone who could do something about it. Thank you for speaking up and not allowing the crowd to silence your plea for hel…

Q: What was the meaning of the sign that was put on the cross when Jesus was crucified? I read that it was intended to mock Jesus, is this true? — C.S.

RICHMOND, Va. — A former spokesperson for Liberty University is suing the evangelical Virginia school after being fired, alleging in a lawsuit filed Monday that his termination came in retaliation for voicing concerns that sexual misconduct accusations were mishandled.

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Rock Springs Church Senior Pastor Benny Tate has written a book titled “Defy The Odds” which is being published by Harvest House Publisher.

VATICAN CITY — Pope Francis on Sunday made an impassioned plea to end the practice of returning migrants rescued at sea to Libya and other unsafe countries where they suffer “inhumane violence."

In Ghana, home to a diverse array of religions, leaders of major churches have united in denouncing homosexuality as a “perversion” and endorsing legislation that would, if enacted, impose some of the harshest anti-LGBTQ policies in Africa.

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Jeff Williams, of Square Foot Ministry, spoke at the Rotary Club of Griffin’s weekly meeting Thursday. In the last 10 years, Square Foot Ministry has built 17 homes in Griffin, mostly in the Fairmont area. Some of the goals for 2022 include building two to three homes in Griffin, increase th…

There’s an intriguing subplot to President Joe Biden’s upcoming meeting with Pope Francis. The world’s two most prominent Roman Catholics will be celebrating a shared outlook on church teaching and vital social issues even as Biden faces unwavering opposition from many U.S. Catholic bishops …