— If you think only Black lives matter, you probably are a racist. If you think only white lives matter, you probably are a racist. If you think all lives matter, you are probably a Christian. Pick one.

— I say "Black Lives Matter" because when they said "All men are created equal," all didn't include Black men.

— Kudos to the Spalding County School Board for making a common sense decision on starting schools virtually. Understandably, this decision places a hardship on the many working parents that must determine how their children will be supervised while they are working. Though the decision was difficult, the final outcome protects a greater number of people who must navigate the risk associated with the virus.

— These fanatical mask people are the same people who want to take away our guns.

— Governor Brian Kemp is an embarrassment to the state of Georgia regarding his decision not to mandate mask-wearing and sue the mayor of Atlanta for requiring the wearing of masks. Why hasn't he sued the other dozen or so mayors who have done the same thing? He says it's not political, but for anyone who doesn't believe this, look at the picture of Kemp greeting Donald Trump when he last visited Atlanta. The picture shows our suck-up governor greeting Trump with a mask dangling on his ear. What is that about?

— After over 140,000 deaths of American citizens, we now see Trump becoming more serious about the wearing of masks. Don't be fooled; it's only about his declining poll numbers that show he is in danger of not being re-elected.

— Four years ago Trump said he alone could fix things. How's that working?

— OK, racism is a sin; it's evil. Got it. But it's OK to roam the streets, rioting, burning, looting, destroying public statues, injuring police and killing Black children by Black men? No, I don't get it.

— Black Lives Matter is in itself racist. It's divisive, arrogant and unholy and its founders have Marxist roots. There is not an ounce of humility in the whole organization. Why would anyone want anything to do with it?

— Does no one see the connection between the horribly high suicide rate among teenagers and their lack of having been taught biblical principles? Kids need to know they were created by a God who loves them, and they desperately need to know Him. Take your kids to church.

— Trump supporters are keeping quiet. If they speak out, they may lose their job or get killed. But so far, they can still vote in secret. I predict a landslide for our president.

— You parents criticize teachers up one side and down the other and now you are wanting them to go back to school in person? You really don’t care about their education, but you are just tired of dealing with your little, snot-nosed brats and want teachers to play baby sitter.

— We don’t need no education.

— Not all people who teach at Christian schools are really “Christian." You parents think you can trust these schools, but bad things happen at private Christian schools, too.

— Preachers. Preachers who take advantage of people in their congregations are not really preachers or ministers. And shame on you church leaders for letting abuse go on in your churches and for being more concerned about your church’s reputation than you are about people who have been abused by your ministers and staff.

— What we need now is less outrage and more outreach.

— I was on a Christian website and people were commenting back and forth arguing over herbal remedies. Who cares? If I wanted to know about herbal remedies, I would have gone on a herbal remedy or medical website, not a Christian website.

— You may not hear about this on the fake news, but a Black Trump supporter, Bernell Trammell, was murdered in Milwaukee hours after he reportedly gave an interview explaining why he supports President Trump. He was gunned down on July 23 near the very spot where he gave a video interview a few hours before explaining why he supported Trump. Is this really happening in America?

— Let's be real. Thousands of unnecessary American deaths have occurred in this country that are directly associated with Donald Trump's incompetence and lack of leadership ability. He never took the pandemic seriously and has no empathy for the lives that have been lost due to his negligence. If he cannot provide leadership on this crisis, how can we have confidence in his ability to handle another crisis that will surely develop in the future? He is the crisis our nation must extinguish.