Imagine a world without Donald Trump. Now make sure you are registered to vote and cast your vote as early as possible.

The city can put up as many brick planters as they want and pave the streets, but as long as these improvements are in front of the dilapidated and/or empty storefronts along Hill Street, it will be like putting lipstick on a pig.

If you are an AARP member, whether you know it or not, you support the Democrat Party.

Joe Biden made a vow to beat Trump. That’s one vow that will be broken because there’s no way he can beat Trump.

Joe Biden said he knows what it’s like to be humiliated. Good for him because he’s going to need that experience in November when he loses to Trump in a landslide.

I think I saw David Perdue at the border picking up workers to help Georgia farmers get their food to market in the same pickup truck that Brian Kemp used in his ad to haul “them illegals” back to the border. I wonder if Brian-boy gave Davey his shotgun? What would Donny say?

When Michelle Obama spoke about the vast number of people who died due to Trump’s poor handling of the crisis, Trump corrected her numbers and said they were actually higher than she said. Apparently Trump was afraid Putin would pay a bounty on the lower number.

The other day I could have sworn my mother-in-law was on the front page of the paper wearing a mask. It turned out that it was a dog wearing a mask. An easy mistake to make, though.

If you want to learn about the character of a man, ask his sister.

If you are still planning to vote Democrat in November, here’s something else to consider: The moderator leading the Muslim Delegates Assembly meeting during day two of the Democratic National Convention skipped “under God” as he began a virtual conference by reciting the Pledge of Allegiance. No one has a right to alter our Pledge of Allegiance!

My husband is in the hospital dying from pneumonia and COVID-19. Every time I see people out in our community without masks, I wonder which one of you gave the disease to him.

He lies about things that are on tape and easily provable, is corrupt, worships money (a false god), is shamefully disrespectful of combat-experienced veterans (McCain, Vindman, Kahn and Mattis), allows “bounties” on U.S. soldiers, has too many conflicts of interest to list, and violates ethics laws daily.

These people who are seeking to prevent or cure COVID-19 by drinking disinfectants must be the same idiots who write in to My Two Cents.

I live on South Walkers Mill Road and I have a long driveway. I want to thank the delivery person or persons who were kind enough to clear downed tree limbs from the drive. Being elderly, by seeing the size of the limbs I would have had a difficult time. Many thanks and much appreciation for doing more than just delivering my packages.

I saw a headline in a recent column in The Griffin Daily News, “The American Dream is not dead.” That’s not true because “The American Dream” Dusty Rhodes died July 11, 2015. These columnists need to get their facts straight.

I will give Trump credit. To be a lifetime cheater and con man, he has successfully conned more than the great ones: Jim Jones, Bernie Madoff, David Koresh, and such.

Trumplestiltskin will not be getting my vote.

Why did the scarecrow win an award? He was out standing in his field.

There are a lot of negative people in Griffin, but I love Griffin. If you don’t like it, then leave it.

I wish we had a law in this country so we can start putting people in jail for criticizing the president.

I don’t care for Donald Trump, but Melania, wow! I will vote for Trump just to keep Melania as First Lady. She ain’t no Mamie Eisenhower or Eleanor Roosevelt, that’s for sure!

Aug. 26 was National Dog Day. For some reason, I thought of my mother-in-law.

I love Herschel Walker. He ran over his opponents when he was at Georgia, just like Trump is running over his opponents now.