A dishonest president and now a dishonest attorney general.

Is it just me but does Ronda Rich come across like a whiny little girl who pitches fits when she doesn’t get her way?

One of my favorite columns every week is the outdoors column by Ronnie Garrison. Keep up the good work.

I don’t like most of the columnists in The Griffin Daily News, both the conservatives and liberals, but I do like the religion column by Steven Norris. He has true words of wisdom.

If you can’t take care of puppies, find somebody who can or take them to the shelter. Don’t leave them locked up in a cage without food and water. What is wrong with you?

Mitch McConnell, Marco Rubio, Ted Cruz and Lindsey Graham are examples of political hypocrisy.

To the Christian that wrote in: Monotheistic means “one.” Meaning Christianity believes in one god alone. There is nothing wrong with other religions or spiritualities, regardless of location. I am pagan and aside from your “beliefs,” which is your right to have, doesn’t mean you have to denounce other “beliefs.” That is what it means to be tolerant. Christ wouldn’t want you to run about and judge others anyway.

Recently, the weatherman said to dress for the 70s. For some reason, my wife laughed at me when I put on a polyester leisure suit.

I have heard people talk about the Electoral College but they must not be a very big school, because they don’t play football.

Party over country. Republican hypocrites. Power begets power. Republicans only care about remaining in power. Pitiful.