— Conservatives have pretty much always championed local governments and local control, but they are now exposed as a bunch of hypocrites. If you tout local control, then how can it be wrong for the city of Atlanta and other local cities and counties to mandate masks? I think it's because they are defying a Republican governor. Plain and simple.

— I saw ads attacking Joe Biden for being too soft on crime and not supporting police, but then I have seen another ad complaining he was too tough on criminals. Which is it?

— My favorite candidate for president right now? NOTA, also known as None Of The Above.

— These people who are criticizing Trump need to remember Romans 13 that tells Christians to respect their government leaders. Of course, Romans 13 didn't apply when Obama was in office, but it is in effect now.

— There are some conflicting opinions about COVID-19, but the people I trust the most are the ones who make Facebook comments.

— Why is it that the people with the ugliest feet always wear sandals?

— Once again Alabama beats Georgia, not on the football field this time, but with the Alabama governor mandating a mask, she has beat our governor, who doesn't care about saving the lives of the people he was elected to serve.

— So the state of Georgia doesn't have enough money to fully fund education, but it does have money to fille a lawsuit against the city of Atlanta because the city wants to save lives.

— Kemp asked, if we have a mask ordinance, how can we enforce it, throw people in jail? My question to Kemp, how do we enforce making people wear clothes, how do we enforce making people stop at stop signs, how do we enforce stopping people from theft, etc.?

— Who are these nut jobs who make the anti-Trump comments? This is Trump Country. These 1960s hippies need to move to California, so that they can be with their own kind.

— They say dress for the job you want, not the job you have. If that’s the truth, then a lot of women around here want to be prostitutes.

— Every time I see my mother-in-law, I get angry about the social distance rule. Why can't it be 60 feet, instead of just 6 feet?

— I will not wear masks in a house, I will not wear masks with a mouse. I will not wear them in a store, I will not wear them on the shore. I will not wear them at the gas station, I will not wear them anywhere in the nation. I will not wear them here or there, I will not wear them anywhere. I do not like masks or PPE, I do not like them so leave me be.

— Who cares about whether school reopens or not? But we have to have football in the fall. GHSA, please do not cancel high school football. I don’t have a life and won’t know what to do on Friday nights during the fall.

— I don’t know how many times I have heard white people say that Blacks should get over slavery. Well, maybe these white Southerners need to get over the South losing the Civil War.

— Erasing history. They said that taking down Confederate history is erasing history. But the South has tried to erase history by trying to forget about the Tulsa riot of 1921, the Wilmington riot of 1898, the Shelton Laurel Massacre of 1863, and the countless lynchings that have taken place since the end of the Civil War.

— If they cancel football, I will be moving to another country. If these dainty, little European soccer players can get back on the field, then our American boys and men can bang heads on the gridiron.