Instinct says if someone hurts you, hurt them back even more. God says do not be overcome by evil, but overcome evil with good. That’s what Jesus taught, and so did Martin Luther King Jr.

It’s confusing. A Green Beret told Colin Kaepernick that kneeling during the national anthem would be respectful, but the draft-dodger said it was disrespectful. Who should I listen to concerning patriotism? The draft-dodger or the Green Beret?

I find it odd that all these upper middle-class white people are now on Facebook crusades against racism and are now having holier than thou attitudes about it. I wonder if they really care, or are they just jumping on the latest social bandwagon in order to make themselves look cool and relevant?

No one is protesting these drug dealers who are poisoning our community.

When you start a conversation or social media post with “I’m not a racist,” what you really mean is, “I know what I am about to say is racist, but I don’t want to be judged by my words.”

One good thing about the work on the streets in Griffin is that it will really help shopping in Fayetteville and Peachtree City, because people will drive there to avoid the Griffin traffic congestion.

If Trump does not get re-elected, it will be hell on earth.

The problem is sin, not skin, and the answer is grace, not race. Jesus died for everyone and the people of our nation need him.

God’s design for his people is never one of division, but of unity.

Everyone knows who defaced those Confederate statues the other night. I say “night,” because under its cover, the dreaded antifas emerged in their all-black garb, unleashing lethal cans of red spray paint anonymously until the damage was total.

Yeah, we know who you are. Don’t try to deny it.