• If Georgia doesn’t get rid of Stacey Abrams we will soon be a socialist state worse than California. Wake up Georgians!

To the person asking why we need a dog park, there are a lot of neighborhoods around here that you wouldn’t dare walk your dog in. Also, they don’t have to be on a leash.

Why does Georgia Senator David Perdue refuse to debate Jon Ossoff? Answer: He does not want to answer questions about buying and dumping stock after receiving official information from a private COVID-19 meeting. (He could perjure himself.) Why would Kelly Loeffler not answer her opponent’s question on whether U.S. senators should be allowed to trade stocks while in office? Answer: Senator Loeffler and her husband bought and dumped stock after a private COVID-19 meeting. (She could perjure herself.)

Donald Trump and his Republican enablers are attempting to destroy our democracy by not acknowledging his loss to Joe Biden in the presidential election. The Republican wimps who remain silent while he runs roughshod over our constitutional freedoms are only interested in holding on to their own positions of power. They are motivated by greed and do not care about ordinary Americans who are suffering in the greatest nation in the world.

There is a school board member who refers to students as scholars. What an insult. Most of these kids in the school system couldn’t care less about school or being a scholar. Calling all these snot-nosed brats scholars is an insult to kids who are really working hard and really care about their schoolwork.

I hope you Democrats will be happy when your taxes go up, your insurance will be canceled and you cannot use your doctor, and your guns have to be registered at a charge of $200 per gun.

Breaking news: UNC 62, University of Miami 26. After Saturday’s stunning defeat at the hands of North Carolina, UM’s mascot Sebastian the Ibis is to plead Miami’s case before the NCAA to have the Carolina victory overturned, citing numerous instances of fraudulent scores, fake first downs and ineligible receivers downfield. Sebastian will claim UM observers were denied access to view the scorekeeper’s records, providing clear evidence of a rigged outcome. This isn’t over.