Did all the looting in Chicago help the Black Lives Matter cause?

Agent Orange says he has done more for Black people since Abraham Lincoln. Lie number 12,746.

Agent Orange is attacking Kamala Harris already. He is good at one thing: insulting people.

One thing has improved since Agent Orange took office. His comb-over looks better.

We shut down the country over fears of something that has a 99% survival rate, and that’s if you even get it. Meanwhile, people are freaking out about wearing a mask that has been shown ineffective against viruses. We are not suffering from a virus, but the irrational, fear-driven response to it. Blown way out of proportion.

I don’t understand why someone in college would major in English. If they were able to get into college, shouldn’t they already know the language?

The people who are telling everyone to wear a face mask are the same people who volunteered to serve as hall monitors back when they were in elementary school. Back then, they enjoyed telling their fellow students what to do, and then snitching to teachers. Now, as adults, they have found a new way to have a power trip.

When the coronavirus ends, I hope they keep the social distancing rules in effect. I don’t like it when people get close to me. I would be willing to make an exception for Sarah Palin, though. She is pretty.

Please stop getting your news from Facebook.

The king of nasty calls Kamala Harris nasty. The pot calling the kettle ...

Agent Orange thinks he will help his campaign by putting one of his cronies in charge of the post office to interfere with the delivery and counting of mail-in ballots.

This country has been going downhill ever since women were given the right to vote.

Give it up, Joe. There’s no way you’re going to beat Trump in November. I am predicting a major landslide.

We loved President Obama because he cared for the working man and poor people. Joe Biden is not as good as Obama, but we still love him and support him.

My grandson is looking at naughty pictures on the computer during the school day, when he is supposed to be watching his teacher.

Child labor laws need to be repealed. These snot-nosed kids need to learn the value of a hard day’s work. Not sit around in a classroom all day long. I quit school as soon as I turned 16 and it didn’t hurt me none.

People who criticize our president should be taken to jail. People who say bad things about our president need to be locked up. That will teach them to respect our president.

In the past our country has had great writers and speakers — Thomas Paine, Benjamin Franklin, Abraham Lincoln, FDR, to name a few — but now all we have is a bunch of idiots taking to Facebook and Tweeter who can’t spell cat without being spotted the “c” and the “t.”

To people who say the COVID is no big deal. The number of people who have died from COVID has more than doubled the number of KIAs from Vietnam. Under that logic, then I guess these people who are saying COVID is no big deal would also say Vietnam was no big deal. Oh, I forgot, most folks don’t care about American history and don’t remember Vietnam.

Donald Trump is not the greatest president this country has ever had, but he’s close. He’s very good, but he’s no Richard Nixon.

Michelle Obama said to vote in November like you’re life depended on it. I am going to take her advice — and vote for Trump.

Shame, shame on America, for turning away the undocumented people. Are we not the land of the free? They actually help our economy. Just like all the rest of our ancestors. I say the more, the better.

What would have happened in 2012 if Barack Obama had said he was not funding the post office so there would be less people voting by mail?

Stacey Abrams said this year’s choice for president could not be more clear. I agree with her 100% — and that’s why I am voting for Donald Trump.

I have to admit watching the Democrat convention was amusing. I haven’t seen that many clowns since going to the circus years ago when I was a kid.

Negative political ads. If someone spends more time telling me why we shouldn’t vote for their opponent and less time telling us why we should vote for them, then I will not vote for them.

Something needs to be done about political ads on YouTube. I don’t get on YouTube to watch political videos and I am tired of these ads interrupting my cat videos.

Is it me or does anyone else think that Jon Ossoff looks and acts like Sheldon from “The Big Bang Theory”?

People don’t know how to drive in Griffin and it’s getting worse.

Barack Obama said that democracy is on the line in this election. I agree and that’s why I will not vote for Joe Biden.