I would rather lick doorknobs in China than vote for any of the Democrat candidates.

If a church allows Democrats in the door, then they are not a true Christian church.

Things I avoid for my health — red meat, sugar, lard and Democrats.

The Republican Party is the only political party in America that stands for true Christian values. Wake up America! Repent before it’s too late!

I usually like reading Billy Graham but I disagree with the column “The tongue is more powerful and deadly than the atomic bomb.” I tell you what is more powerful and deadly than an atomic bomb — my son-in-law when he passes gas.

There will be a landslide in November. I am not a huge Trump fan, but I don’t see how any Democrat candidate will stand a chance. If that’s the best the Democrats can do, they are in big trouble.

The general election in November will be like the time Georgia Tech beat Cumberland 222-0 in football. Other than a few ultra-liberal states, Trump will soundly defeat any Democrat opponent.

The Democrats have gone so far to the left that they have abandoned middle America for good.

Donald Trump is a good Christian man and that’s why the Democrats and the godless liberal media want him to fail.

There needs to be a law abolishing presidential elections because Trump needs to be president permanently. He’s the greatest president we have ever had and he needs more than eight years in office. He needs to be in office until he decides to step down and then he needs to be able to handpick who takes his place. That is what our country needs, not more elections.

I am no Donald Trump fan, but I do think that God put him in power so that Mike Pence will be president one day.

What is the difference between my mother-in-law and Godzilla? One is a green, mean, fire-breathing monster who causes havoc everywhere, and the other one is Godzilla.

All Democrats should be deported because they hate America. If you don’t love America, then leave.

I can’t stand TV.

There’s not anything on worth watching anymore.

• Country music. The music I hear on so-called country music stations is not country music.

• Is there any Democrat candidate worth voting for? The worst bunch I have seen in a long time.

• Easter. I refuse to celebrate Easter because of its pagan origins. Don’t believe me? Look it up.

• Donald Trump. The best president this country has ever had.

• Joe Biden. What is he thinking? Just give it up Joe. You will never be president.