Coronavirus is God’s judgment on America for not supporting Donald Trump. America, repent and start supporting our president before it’s too late!

The world’s governments are taking advantage of coronavirus to create the one world government. The rich elite will do anything to stay in power.

Truth seekers will seek the truth even when others pursue falsehoods and lies. We need to wake up and see beyond what is really going on. It’s scary. But we cannot confront the future if we do not know what we need to know.

There were some people going well with the new one order and of course they happily go along with it, but thinking about it might not be in the best interests of our state and the United States of America.

There is nothing on the television these days. I liked “Andy Griffith” and “Petticoat Junction.” Remember those shows? We had three channels and we liked it. “American Bandstand.” I also liked “Gunsmoke” and “Big Valley.”

I am afraid America is drifting.

I am very disappointed these so-called churches have canceled worship. But then they say they are worshiping on the internet, but that is not true worship, because you have to be in church to actually worship. It’s completely wrong and a sin.

Donald Trump is a good Christian man. That is why he is being persecuted by the godless liberals and media.

If you think Agent Orange is doing a good job as president, you haven’t been paying attention.

I have been very encouraged by the behavior of a lot of people during the crisis. Many people have been very nice, courteous and kind. But a lot of people have been jerksnots. It seems like the COVID-19 crisis has made some of these jerks even bigger jerks.

I think it’s great that organizations like Salvation Army stepped up to help feed children during spring break, but does it ever occur to anybody around here to look into why so many kids qualify for free lunch programs at schools? There’s something seriously wrong with Griffin.

I saw an article in the paper saying that code enforcers are getting better. Not on Spring Street off Melton — Sharon Baptist Church. Plenty of trash in back yard and front yard, causing insect problem. Help these people to clean up the problems.