— If you are not wearing a mask out in public, you are showing you are selfish and have no regard for other people.

— I heard on the radio today that the ACC is looking into only playing conference games. I think it’s an excuse for Georgia Tech. They are getting tired of getting their rear ends beat every year by the Bulldogs, so they are canceling to avoid further embarrassment.

— It's obvious who to believe when it comes to COVID-19. Do we believe scientists, doctors and nurses or all these people on Facebook who didn't even pass a high school science class? We need to believe the folks on Facebook!

— The knuckleheads refusing to simply wear a mask in public as COVID cases continue to rise may be exercising their freedom, but make no mistake, they are selfish and could care less whether they are transmitting the virus to their fellow citizens. It's not about politics. It's about what we as individuals can do to decrease the spread of the virus. Wear a mask in public.

— Donald Trump takes no responsibility for exercising the necessary leadership that would lead us out of this pandemic crisis. Other leaders around the world have demonstrated how to bring the numbers down, but he wants you to believe it will just go away. He does not care about you or your children, only getting re-elected. Don't reward his incompetence.

— Why will President Trump not release his taxes as all other presidential candidates have done since Jimmy Carter? What does he not want the American people to know?

— Yes, I am a Georgia Bulldog, and if it means I need to wear a mask to improve chances to see the Dawgs play, count me in. Go Dawgs!

— Incompetent state and national leaders are directing us to send our children and teachers back to school when active COVID cases are spiking. They are spiking due to the lack of competent leadership who did not make responsible choices on our behalf months ago. Yes, I am talking about Donald Trump and his lackey Brian Kemp.

— I'm getting tired of these pushy people who want us to wear masks. You can't get this virus unless someone sneezes directly on you. Don't believe everything you read, folks.

— Your "rights" as an American end when you put the rest of us at risk for becoming sick or dying from the COVID-19 pandemic. Go buy a mask, and for heaven's sake, wear it!

— I totally dislike wearing a mask, but do you remember that "love your neighbor as yourself" thing? Why on earth wouldn't you want to do whatever you can to protect the rest of us from sickness or death?

— Obama donated none of his salary when he was president, and Michelle had a staff of 23. President Trump donates all of his presidential salary, and Melania has a staff of four. And you say you're still going to vote Democrat?

— The Georgia Tech football team defensive unit will not have any problems playing during a pandemic. Tech's defensive players always stay 6 feet away from the opposing team's ball carrier anyway.

— Putin is paying bounties for the Taliban to kill Americans, but far more Americans are dying because of Trump's poor handling of COVID-19. It seems like Trump has a big payday coming from Putin.

— Can you believe that some morons drive around in their car with masks on? Do they think they are going to catch the virus from themselves?

— In his negative ads, Trump shows footage of the unrest today and blames it on Biden. Does he really think we are that stupid? I guess when we vote in November, we will see how many are fooled by Trump's dishonesty.

— No one needs a ventilator or dies because they see a naked body, so why is it so easy to require clothing over our private parts but difficult to require it over our mouth and nose when it saves lives?

— Will the Spalding County school system provide iPads, laptops and Wi-Fi to those students who are without these tools as they require online learning? Perhaps our school board could cut administrative costs and salaries to make up for this necessary expense.

— I saw where the WNBA is dedicating their season to the Black Lives Matter movement. I didn’t even know there was such a thing as the WNBA until now.

— People who don’t wear masks say masks don’t work. Then why in the heck have doctors and nurses been wearing them for years during surgeries?

— The COVID-19 pandemic has proven a theory of mine that I have had for years. Americans are morons.

— I hate to admit it but I agree with my mother-in-law. It really hurts to say that, but I do agree with her on one issue. When she told me she believes in wearing masks, I wholeheartedly agreed. The only thing is, I wish she would wear a mask that would cover her entire face.

— Have you ever noticed that the people who brag about speaking their mind, don’t have much of a mind to speak of?

— Dumb and Dumber. Donald Trump and Brian Kemp.