I love Griffin and Spalding County, but I am so disappointed that people don’t wear masks and litter so much. In some businesses, no clerks will be wearing masks. Litter can easily be kept in a car, until a person finds a trash can. Come on Griffin, we can do better.

Jan. 6, 2021. Another great day in America. Armed insurrection. Attempted coup. Another wonderful day laid completely at the feet of Trump. All Republicans should be really happy with this day.

What a spectacle. All those trumputins, all white, flag-waving and storming the Congress. Had this been a Black Lives Matter rally, trumputin would have called out the Army, started waving that Bible and mowing them down in the streets. His lunatic fringe antics should show everyone what a despot he has always been. Lock them all up.

I want to cancel my subscription to 2021. The seven-day free trial was not a good experience.

Perdue, Per-didn’t, Per-done!

On Jan. 6 the president showed what an anti-democracy criminal he is. The Republican Senate majority had the chance to remove him from office last year, but they believe that partisanship is more important than the American people. Now that they have lost the majority, maybe there will be more compromise and less partisanship.

The Georgia Republican Party certainly didn’t get out and do the work the Georgia Democratic Party did to get voters to the polls. Reports show thousands of more Democratic voters cast votes in the runoff elections than Republicans because the Democrats did a much better job rounding up voters and pushing them to get to the polls and vote.

Raphael Warnock will come up for re-election in 2022 when the remainder of Johnny Isakson’s six-year term expires. If the Georgia Republicans go to work now, they can be prepared for the election and possibly defeat Warnock.

• People who shoot off fireworks on New Year’s Eve have the mentality of a 7-year-old. They are probably the same goobers who stormed the Capitol.

Regardless of which political party you are in, you have to admit that Donald Trump ruined the end of his presidential term in a childish, spoiled baby, and arrogant manner that he will be remembered for rather than anything good he may have accomplished.

Even some Republicans are admitting that Stacey Abrams did a masterful job of getting thousands of new Democratic voters registered and to the polls to swing the general election and runoff election to the Democrats. The Georgia Republican Party needs to study her methods and get out and revitalize Georgia’s sleepy Republicans.