Football. Joe Montana was overrated. He wasn’t a very good quarterback. He was surrounded by a good team, that’s about it. I can’t see how he could have played on a high school team, much less an NFL team. 49ers were overrated. They were a good team in the 1980s, but not great. The 1949 Eagles were a much better team.

Basketball. Basketball was much better before the three-point shot and the shot clock. They need to do away with the three-point shot and the shot clock. That was real basketball, not what they play nowadays.

Baseball. Baseball’s been going downhill after they started that designated hitter garbage. If the only thing you can do is hit, then you should not be playing baseball.

I really enjoy seeing Nancy Pelosi in a face mask. Now, if she could just get one that covers her entire face.

The people who are demanding that we wear face masks must have just moved here from the Soviet Union. This is America, and we do whatever we want. We don’t do what the government tells us to do.

Who is this “Spalding” guy that our county is named after? Someone needs to find out if he owned slaves. If he did, we need to change the name of our county.

Agent Orange went to Mount Rushmore, bringing the number of rock heads there up to five.

Racist, bigot, liar, narcissist, traitor, divider and ignorant. What could go wrong with re-electing a president with these traits?

Is our mayor named “Bottoms”? Maybe the police chief? If the article in Tuesday’s GDN, “Police car damaged Saturday by unruly crowd,” is factual, why was this irate group — damaging police cars — not arrested? Living in Griffin for over 40 years, I’ve never seen reports like “all the units then went to Fire Station 1.” Please tell me there were follow-up arrests. This is Griffin, not Atlanta. Arrest these lawless people. Mob mentality has no place here. Do your jobs. We have your back.

Kelly, if you want to look senatorial, get your hair cut.

It’s sad that our governor thinks that Georgians who are not wearing masks to save lives will wear them to save the football season. It’s even sadder that he is most likely correct.

So, the school system has approved in-person instruction for students. There will be a bunch of miniature germ machines picking their noses, coughing and sneezing on each other. What could go wrong with that?

Joe Biden should pick Ivanka Trump as his vice president. She is pretty. And, she has experience working in the White House.

They say Black Lives Matter. What about babies that are murdered every day?

• On the Fourth of July weekend 15 were killed in Chicago and nine killed in New York, but no national outcry and no liberal media indignation and total silence from the Black Lives Matter group, so apparently if white policemen can’t be blamed, 24 lives don’t matter.

How are they going to play football when you have to stay 6 feet apart? With these social distancing guidelines, you could not even play flag football. I say let’s go ahead with football, and just make the players wear face masks. This is America, and we don’t give up just because there is a virus going around.