April Fool’s Day has come and gone, but I was thinking that it doesn’t have much meaning in Griffin. With so many goobers around here, every day is a fool’s day.

• The GOP is always whining about cancel culture,

but as soon as the CEO of Delta said the “Jim Crow” voting law was unacceptable, the Georgia House voted to cancel the jet

fuel tax. Fortunately for Delta, the Georgia Senate didn’t

have the time to take up the issue.

• The anti-democracy voting law passed by the Republicans

in the Georgia legislature is

proof that racism is still a strong force in Georgia.

• When you vote in the next election remember who

it was that passed the law to

try and keep you from voting.

• Griffin use to be a place inhabited by Christian Republicans. Judging by the comments in My Two Cents,

our community now has many atheist Democrats.

• Georgians need to boycott baseball like baseball

is boycotting Georgians.

• Minorities are incapable of reading a number on an ID card or acquiring an ID card? What a radical, racist attitude to have toward minorities.