Everyone who thinks COVID-19 is not dangerous, please raise your hand. Now that your hand is up, slap yourself hard because you deserve it for being foolish.

All the scientists, doctors and immunologists are saying COVID-19 is dangerous, but the guys who struggled to pass high school science say it isn’t any worse than the flu. I wonder who should I listen to?

I don’t need to listen to medical experts. I am a graduate of Internet Academy, YouTube Institute, College of Facebook & Twitter, and, most importantly, Google University.

I knew a happy cowboy once. He was a very jolly rancher.

Wash your hands people! I was in a public bathroom today and some ignorant hillbilly walked out without washing his hands. Disgusting.

We need to do something about the chemtrails.

I ordered some fruit, but the delivery man really got on my nerves. In fact, he drove me bananas.

I worked in a calendar factory, but got fired because I took a day off.

I tried being a vegetarian, but it was a huge missed steak.

Doctors are also very successful at making ammunition, because they are used to making rounds.

Investigate the cell reception south of where I live, because every time my cellphone goes out.

My neighbor has two dogs that get on my nerves. Somebody needs to do something about it. And those cats keep coming up on our porch too.

Some people are trying to justify reckless behavior concerning COVID-19, saying it’s faith vs fear. Driving across the tracks when a train is approaching is not faith vs. fear, nor is walking in front of a speeding truck. Practicing social distancing and avoiding crowded places is not fear. It is reasonable behavior, and anyone who says anything else is just plain irresponsible.

Mr. Syntel Brown should wait until the facts are in before making his racist statements. Since the man charged with the crime furnished the video of the event, just maybe there is more than has been revealed in the news.

The people who are so opposed to wearing a mask for COVID-19 probably would have no problem wearing white masks, white hoods and white robes, if you get my meaning.

Well, looks like Griffin will have more congestion. Removing traffic lanes, blocking off parking spots and preventing crossing to the opposite side of the street is not progressive. Crazy, yes. Sensible, no.

Trump said it was extremely important to reopen the churches, an act that will threaten the health and lives of congregants. To show how serious he was, the next Sunday Trump went golfing.

I think it’s terrible that the commissioners raised the speed limit in Sun City. They must have raised it, otherwise why would the good people of Sun City risk the lives of the other residents who are driving golf carts, jogging or walking by driving 45 to 50 mph in a 25 mph speed zone.