Does anybody really believe that we sent a man to the moon? The moon is 240,000 miles from earth. Our government can’t even balance a budget, but they expect us to believe that they could send astronauts to the moon. Smoke and mirrors, people.

Does Guinness have a record for who loses the most recounts and the most lawsuits? If not, Trump should take those records for being the biggest loser.

Trump hates to lose, so maybe someone needs to explain to him that his continued frivolous election lawsuits and multiple voting recounts only increase his losses.

Due to the uncaring and lack of respect for human life, Spalding County has 1.1 deaths per thousand residents. If the rest of the USA was as uncaring as we are, there would be 360,000 deaths, not our current 268,000, and if the whole world lacked the respect for human life similar to Spalding County, we would have 8.4 million deaths in the world, not the current 1.5 million.

Have been around a long time through a lot of governors and secretaries of state, but these two are the bottom of the barrel. They pretend to be Republicans but that “R” after their names should be “D.” Does Stacey Abrams tell them what to do? Have not seen or heard one thing they have done to help the Senate race.

A smart person learns from their mistakes. A wise person learns from other people’s mistakes. A fool doesn’t learn from his mistakes or other people’s mistakes.

I saw where Biden selected an all-female press team. That means they will spend all day talking about shoes, dresses and makeup.