He is not religious (remember “two Corinthians”) and looks down on those who are, is an adulterer (with porn stars), corrupt, denies science and is actively anti-science (unless findings are beneficial to his agenda), was a back-slapping buddy with a pedophile, golfs too much (three times more than his predecessor), believes and promotes crazy conspiracy theories (QAnon and on and on). Remember Helsinki and “Mexico will pay for it”?

Church people. You say my clothes are dirty. Clean them for me. You say I don’t dress right. Take me shopping.

A lot of people are saying the problems in this country and world are caused by sin. There is some truth to that. A lot of suffering is self-inflicted and the result of poor choices and actions, but the righteous and innocent suffer as well. Read the book of Job. Job was a righteous man and he suffered. A note to all the “Christians” — the book of Job is in the Old Testament between Esther and Psalms.

How any person in our armed forces could vote for “lyin’ don-jon” is beyond me. He has called servicemen losers and stupid, he’s defamed Gold Star families, he’s called John McCain a loser, he bailed on a visit to the veteran cemetery in France and he dodged the draft. In addition, he’s been caught in over 20,000 lies since taking office. Why?

My pappy used to tell me, “Son, never believe or trust a man that tells you how smart or honest or rich or Christian he is.” Did my dad know something or what?

Many people have said that the coronavirus is not any worse than the flu. I doubt the veracity (that means “accuracy,” for all you goobers out there) of their statements.

The older I get, the more clearly I understand the fact that most people are morons.

There are many fine people in this community, but the level of crime is appalling. Why do people act this way? Did they not receive proper parenting? Did they not receive an education? Or, is it simply a matter of Satan living within them?

If Nick Saban and President Trump can get COVID-19, then anybody can get it. These are the two most dynamic and successful leaders of the 21st century.

Anybody who votes in the election this year is just wasting their time. You have two dunces running, and the country is going to go downhill no matter who wins.