Mr. Policeman, how very unprofessional of you was it to search a car at the end of my driveway on East Broadway, then when you were finished, you took your gloves off and threw them on my yard? For your information we are in the midst of a pandemic. Please be more careful in the future. We are all in this together.

I heard a preacher the other day say that Christians are monotheistic. I never heard such a thing. I am a Christian and Christian only and don’t believe in these divisions, false doctines and man-made religions.

My granddaughter was watching “The Wizard of Oz” the other day and for some reason I thought of my son-in-law when the song “If I Only Had a Brain” came on.

I get so tired of these comments from this idiot who writes in about his mother-in-law. I am sure she is a kind, beautiful woman. I feel sorry for her for having a son-in-law like you!

I guess there are two things that will always continue in Griffin — high school football and the fair. A nuclear bomb could hit and the next day they would still have their football and fair. Can’t live without either one.

Kids can’t go to school, but football goes on. That speaks loud and clear about what’s really important in this town.

You have criticized teachers morning, noon and night, and now you are mad your little brats aren’t in school? Cry me a river. You don’t care about whether your kids get an education, you just don’t want to deal with those little heathens and want to use teachers as baby sitters.

Agent Orange has finally said something I can agree with. Bob Woodward should have reported Trump’s lies regarding the danger of the COVID-19 virus as soon as he heard them.

So it isn’t safe for children to be in classes in our county due to COVID-19, but some brilliant person figured that tackle football was safe? In an attempt to limit the spread, they limited the crowd size, but when you look at the photo on the front page of The Griffin Daily News, it seems those few that were let in weren’t smart enough to distance themselves from each other and were not smart enough to wear masks. It’s going to be a long fall.

So after Trump says he will ban TikTok if they don’t sell to a U.S. company, TikTok rejects the Microsoft offer and suddenly sells to Oracle, which has strong ties to Trump. And you thought David Perdue was sleazy for his use of his office for insider trading.

God might allow Biden to become president to show us what a godless nation we have become.

I haven’t heard anyone say if those people killed by police had not resisted arrest they would be alive today.

These pro-mask nerds have an agenda that goes beyond forcing people to wear masks. They also want to take away our guns. These people have communist tendencies and they are dangerous.

If they gave my grandson extra credit for looking at naughty pictures on his computer during the school day, he would have an A-plus.

Several My Two Cents contributors have made negative comments about Black Lives Matter. They all must be part of the same clan. Or, should I say, “Klan”?

It’s actually OK to not vote for Donald. If anyone asks, just tell them you did. But don’t.

The pictures on the front page of the GDN last week showing very few fans at the Griffin and Spalding games wearing masks and sitting in very close groups are sad and disgusting. If people truly want schools and businesses to open fully, then do everything possible to help reduce the virus.