— Herman Cain said that “we have a new sheriff in town and his name is Donald J. Trump.” Cain is 100 percent wrong about that — Trump was elected as president, not sheriff.

— The people who are complaining about the Russians allegedly hacking our computers need to get a life. We should be happy that the Russians are taking an interest in our presidential election. They are just trying to learn more about how democracy works.

— Thirty years ago President Reagan stood strong against Russia. Today Russia is ruled by the KGB and now have their man ready to take over as U.S. president with another Russian operative taking over as Secretary of State. And all you care about is Hillary’s emails.

— When people in my neighborhood set off fireworks on New Year’s Eve, my neighbor’s dog started barking. Of course, I barely noticed, because my neighbor’s dog is always barking.

— The war on drugs brought us more drugs, the war on terrorism brought us more terrorists. Let’s declare war on farmer’s markets.

— President-elect chameleon changes direction more often than a weathervane in a tornado.

— 2017 and a new president. It will be interesting what the Trump/Putin administration has to offer us.

— The Republican House members want to gut the ethics board. In related news, criminals want to eliminate police departments.