— It is January, and I have only had to wear my winter coat twice. This proves that global warming is occurring. Some people won’t believe there is global warming until it is 150 degrees during the month of July.

— As an African-American, I have a few suggestions for the currently popular Black Lives Matter movement. Organize and manage programs to assist and encourage better performance among blacks in their communities, schools and workforce, like after-school, tutor and vocational programs. Doing things that actually benefit the black community represents the name of your movement better than harassing law enforcement. Don’t forget to include black police officers among the black lives that matter.

— Athens, Georgia, home of the Bulldawgs, is such a great city that the leaders in Greece copied that name for one of their cities. Next they will probably try to copy our football team and mascot.

— Does the city’s leash law apply to my mother-in-law? She is not a dog, but she looks like a dog.