— If you are not smart enough to operate the turn signals, what makes you think you are smart enough to operate the rest of the vehicle?

— Jarrett Laws may not have been the best football coach ever at Griffin, but at least he didn’t try an onside kick on the opening kickoff in a state playoff game.

— The republic is in deep trouble if the Dummycrats’ best candidates are Hillary Clinton and Bernie Sanders. The Repugnant Party, I mean Republican Party, is no better with Donald Trump.

— To all American voters, currently underrated but the best presidential candidate on the table is Sen. Marco Rubio. He is young, extremely bright, experienced, sensible, and the most capable of uniting the Republican Party. I feel that Rubio would work with both parties to actually accomplish something in Washington.

— The only way that the Georgia Tech football team will have a winning record next year is if they play Alcorn State for all of their 12 games.

— Both our RINO senators gave Obama and the Democrats everything they wanted by voting for the federal budget. Democrats are very, very happy. Pelosi even said, “We got everything we really wanted .”

— St. George’s Church looked so good for the holidays. It really is nice to walk by and sit and give thanks to God by the fountain and see lovely decorations. Thanks for your time and effort. Happy new year to all and may all of Griffin be blessed in 2016.