— If news supports my political views, then it’s real news, but if it doesn’t support my political views, then it’s fake news.

— So, it was OK for Southern states to secede from the Union when Lincoln was elected, but not OK for people to protest when Donald Trump was elected?

— Maybe it’s just me, but Sean Spicer reminds me of Baghdad Bob. In fact, I have seen a few things on the internet calling him the new Baghdad Bob.

— Here’s how to determine if something is real news. If it comes directly from the Trump administration, it’s gospel truth, and if it contradicts or criticizes Trump in any way, it’s fake news.

— Melania Trump is pretty, but she’s no Mamie Eisenhower.

— The Falcons are going to win the Super Bowl.

— The Falcons are not only going to win the Super Bowl but completely deflate the Patriots.

— The more they protest, scream, march and repeat themselves, the less concern I have for their cause. At this point, I have no sympathy at all. We finally have a new president, and he’s going to do just fine. Please move on to something else.

— I saw where one of the liberal commentators said Trump’s Inauguration speech was “militant.” But I was watching one of the protests and one of the speakers said they were going to be militant in trying to get rid of Trump. And then Madonna said she wanted to blow up the White House. Who is really being militant?