— Let’s tear down the old Haisten building and get this over with. I would like to see a Red Lobster at that location.

— Nothing hits the spot like a hot Doodle Burger on a cold day.

— The headline reads, “Meth cited in city’s waste water permit violations.” Now I’ve heard it all.

— The difference between college and pro football is that the Buckeyes deflated the SEC and the Ducks, while the Patriots deflated balls.

— Land Bank spends loads of taxpayer money for so little return. Graft? Corruption? Greed? Mismanagement?

— So a majority of the SEC teams got bowl games and the lower ranked SEC teams beat the lower ranked members of opposing conferences, while the higher ranked SEC teams lost to the higher ranked opponents in other conferences. This all proves that the SEC has obtained a parity of mediocrity.

— In response to the idiot who said he didn’t believe France was America’s oldest ally: France helped America in the American Revolution. Without France, there would be no United States of America.

— Venison. I would much rather eat venison or wild game than a cheeseburger, hot dog or french fries. And no, I don’t consider myself a redneck.

— In reference to the comment calling Ronda Rich a “female Goober.” She is a fine Southern lady and I look forward to reading her column every Sunday.

— People keep telling me that I need to be nice to my mother-in-law, but I am not a dog lover.

— I don’t know if people with kids 3 years old and younger should not be allowed to bring their kids in restaurants, but they could at least try to halfway control them. I get tired of going to stores and restaurants and seeing these little heathens running around and screaming.

— It’s nice to see people out there who are still patriotic and who are proud to be an American.

— The New England Patriots should be kicked out of the Super Bowl for what they did. The U.S. attorney general should do something worthwhile, for a change, and investigate this incident.

— How will Griffin get by without Joanne Todd on the city commission? Who else makes such witty, insightful comments? There are not many that can put thoughts into words like she can. At least the other commissioners will be able to benefit from her guidance until her term expires.

— Proof that good things still happen in this world. One of the greatest rock groups of all time, New Kids on the Block, will be going out on tour this summer.

— I have seen numerous complaints about Sun City recently, along with what was apparently a response in which someone called the local writer “Gomer.” I live in Sun City, and I winced to see that. My wife and I moved here five years ago from the West Coast and one of the main reasons we came to Griffin is that we really liked the people. I’d bet most Sun City people feel the same way. We want to be part of the community, and we don’t see any Gomers anywhere.

— Things Al Sharpton should protest because they are obviously racist: White Castle, White Christmas, the White Pages, Jack White, The White House, Great White, White Lion, Whitesnake, Shaun White, the Chicago White Sox, Betty White, Snow White, Average White Band, White Out, and White County, Ga.

— OK. The city clearly stated there’s meth in wastewater and now they are saying there’s no meth in the water. Sounds like they may be doing some meth themselves, if they can’t figure it out.

— What kind of a person steals a historic church bell? That is reaching a new low.

— Poem-A-Day. I like the classic ones, but most of these new ones don’t make sense. A third-grader could write better poems.

— Soccer. I don’t get it. I tried to watch it, but it was about as exciting as watching grass grow.

— I saw that Jeff Gordon is retiring. She was a great driver and paved the way for other female drivers in NASCAR. She will be missed.

— This mandatory spay and neuter is not going to work. Why? Because poor people cannot afford it, plus all these other charges they are wanting to tack on this. So what are people going to do? They are going to take their dogs and dump them, which is going to cause more problems. What happened to the leash law? That worked fine.

— Bill Belichick said he “had no knowledge” of the footballs being deflated. With those kinds of lies, he should go to work for the Obama administration.

— What is the difference between a prisoner of war and a poor person in Georgia? The Geneva Convention requires that a POW is entitled to food, shelter and medical care.

— Does Griffin need conference center? No!

— A 12-inch pipe crossing the Yellowstone River just dumped 50,000 gallons of toxic oil, killing wildlife and poisoning drinking water. If built, a 36-inch Keystone pipeline would have nine times the capacity. Can you imagine the damage it could do? Obama, we need you to veto this.