— In 1935 Adolf Hitler outlawed prayer in the schools and did all he could to stop people from reading the Bible. He had great difficulty with Easter and Christmas, so he sought to keep the holidays but reinterpret their meaning. Easter became a celebration heralding the arrival of spring, and Christmas was turned into a totally pagan festival. Carols and nativity plays were banned from the schools in 1938, and even the name “Christmas” was changed to “Yuletide.”

— The scientists don’t call it “global warming” anymore. They call it “climate change.” That way, no matter what happens, they appear to be right. If the temperature is too hot or too cold, if it rains too much or not at all, if there is no snow or too much, they can blame it on climate change. Never mind that in the 1970s, scientists said the planet was getting colder. Why don’t they just admit they don’t know what the heck is going on and be done with it?

— These good “Christian” ladies around this town need to look up the Bible verses that say that gossip is a sin.

— There are a lot of flag wavers around here who say they are patriotic, but how many people actually try to help veterans in this community?

— The military has gotten in sorry shape under Obama. In one of the Inauguration parades, I saw soldiers wearing old revolutionary uniforms and carrying muskets. If we are going to beat ISIS, all of our soldiers need modern uniforms and weapons, not muskets.