— So the commissioners have approved yet another cost increase on the overpriced pickleball courts. Let’s drain the swamp of those who cater to special interests.

— We are having more climate change. It was 75 degrees in the middle of January.

— People in Alabama are so stupid it takes them two hours to watch “60 Minutes.”

— Now that he will not recognize our new president, maybe Mr. Lewis will model our new president and donate his oversized pay and retirement account to some worthy charity. He should have participated in Social Security and not continue to pad his pocketbook.

— Donald Trump said John Lewis is all talk, but Trump is all Twitter.

— Winston Churchill’s “Finest Hour” speech. Abraham Lincoln’s Gettysburg Address. FDR’s “We have nothing to fear but fear itself” speech. Donald Trump’s tweets. Enough said.

— I heard that in addition to being an inventor, Thomas Edison was a poet. He wrote light verse.

— It’s bad enough that young people today get tattoos and smoke electric cigarettes. Now they are sending naughty photos to each other by using their telephone.

— I am lucky to be alive. My teachers never carried guns to fight off grizzly bears.