— It’s about time the Griffin Police did something about older drivers on our streets. For far too long older drivers have caused havoc as they hog the right lane, stick to the speed limits (even in the work zones) and stop at stop signs, causing great inconvenience and often preventing others from doing what they would like. Another major concern is that by avoiding fines and insurance points, they are not doing their part for the revenue of our city.

— The Denver Broncos football team has been going downhill ever since the state of Colorado legalized marijuana. Could it be that some of the players are smoking the wacky weed?

— To reduce the budget deficit we should stop all direct corporate welfare, eliminate the loopholes for the rich and corporations, and reduce welfare by raising the minimum wage.

— Someone told me the other day France was America’s oldest ally, but I find that very hard to believe. Sounds like liberal mumbo-jumbo to me.

— I think it’s great that the GDN now has a weekly page devoted to local education. It’s a great way to recognize the good things that are happening in our schools.

— Yes, cutting all federal department budgets every year is a good idea. We can cut the border patrol, since our border is far too tight. We can cut Homeland Security because there are too few successful terror attacks in the USA. We can cut the NHTSA. It will stop all those recalls. Who wants safe cars anyway? We can cut the Education Department. Let’s increase our property taxes more to pay for our schools.

— People should not be allowd to bring children under 3 years old into restaurants. These young children cry and scream, and ruin other people’s dinners. They also have poor table manners, often spilling food on their clothes and spreading food over their face.

— I don’t know how Joanne Todd can feel good about getting the airport moved to someone else’s neighborhood. We don’t want it either. So let’s do without one completely. Sounds good to me.

— I hope many of us will take family to see “Selma” as I did last night. It’s a great, dramatic PG-13 movie about the Selma to Montgomery, Alabama, civil rights march for the right to vote. Young people need to see this movie soon. The time may be coming soon when our leaders in Washington will try to restrict the rights of another race of Americans.

— I see that the Spalding County Board of Commissioners and the City of Griffin Board of Commissioners are practicing “equal opportunity to serve.” It seems that each board member is given an opportunity to serve as chairperson and/or vice chairperson. On the other hand, the Griffin-Spalding County School Board seems to be “stuck in a rut.” Did you know that Mr. Zach Holmes has been on the Griffin-Spalding County School Board for 16 years, and has not once served as the chairperson.

— Those who say the SEC is overrated didn’t notice that 12 out of 14 SEC teams played in a bowl game. Seven won and five lost. The SEC had more teams in a bowl game than any other conference.

— I thought about a career as an exterminator, but that job would really bug me.

— Twenty-six profitable Fortune 500 corporations have paid zero income tax over five years. If corporations are people, why don’t they pay taxes?

— What people get upset about in our community: youth football. Things that don’t matter much: education, low graduation rates, high crime rates, taxes, crumbling infrastructure, and high unemployment rates.

— It is time for a third party in this country. Both the Democrats and the Republicans have proved that they can’t do anything. Could a third party do any worse?

— Spay and neuter laws. Proof that our county is going to the dogs.

— I think it was really odd there was a column in the sports section about preparing venison. Only rednecks eat venison and other wild game. I prefer to eat real food like cheeseburgers, hot dogs and french fries.

— In reference to a sentence from the Ronda Rich column in the Jan. 18 paper. “If it’s in the refrigerator, it’s fine.” If we hear about Ronda Rich dying from food poisoning, we will know why. She claims to be the Dixie Diva, but she’s more like a female Goober.

— Not every person knows how to love a dog, but every dog knows how to love a person.

— The only thing more frustrating then living in a community with a strong HOA, is living in a community without one.

— The Taste of Two Counties benefit dance for the Pike and Spalding libraries was wonderful. A big “thank you” to the sponsors and volunteers who made it possible and enjoyable. Great music, good food, and lots of laughter filled the room. I hope you do it again next year.

— SEC. So Easily Conquered.

— It is time for Peyton Manning to retire. He will be eligible to join AARP in 11 years, and lately he has been playing like he has been a member for 20 years.