— I have heard bakers can be funny, but they have a rye sense of humor.

— So all of our intelligence agencies agree that Russia wanted Comrade Trump as president, but you are still concerned about Hillary’s emails. Go ahead and have another drink of that Kool-Aid.

— In her younger years, my mother-in-law tried to be a cowgirl, but she was more cow than girl.

— I remember the banking crisis we had when Dubbya was president. Trump has nominated a Goldman Sachs executive to be secretary of treasury. Now what could go wrong?

— Marrying a stone cutter is a bad idea because you always get taken for granite.

— Being a mathematician is not hard at all. In fact, it’s as easy as pi.

— People who own dairies are horrible comedians because all their jokes are cheesy.

— Has anyone noticed that the Sun City pig has not been spotted since before the holidays? Many people like to eat ham on Christmas and New Year’s. It makes you wonder.

— To the Mr. Literal who wrote in complaining about Herman Cain saying there’s a new sheriff in town, his name is Donald Trump. Herman Cain didn’t literally mean Trump is going to be sheriff. When Trump takes office he’s going to be changing a lot of things in Washington, D.C.

— I hate it when my phone runs out of memory. It really bytes.

— So for six years the GOP has tried to make Obamacare fail. They have voted 50 times to repeal it. They have run on the platform of repeal and replace. So now that they will have a president that will not veto their repeal, he asks them to put forth their plan, and they do not have one.

— The final college football rankings have four Big 10 teams in the top 10 and only one SEC team. Let’s hear that SEC chant again.

— So Congress has taken action to prohibit the Congressional Budget Office from estimating the cost of a repeal and replacement of Obamacare. Makes one wonder how much they think it will cost taxpayers.