— Thanks to Obama, America has no credibility in the world. All our enemies know they can do anything because we have no leader. Vote for Hillary and it will get worse.

— In a recent Dear Abby column, a wife wrote in complaining about her husband’s obsession with playing soccer. She needs to dump that guy pronto, because if he is obsessed with a sissy sport like soccer, he is a wimp and a loser.

— Kirby (is not) Smart should not be coaching at Alabama when he is the head coach of the Bulldawgs. This shows he is not loyal to his new university.

— The fact that it’s January and one has only had to wear a winter coat twice does not prove any climate warming. Science has proven that climate change has been occurring since the world began and that the latest global warming has been happening for more than 10,000 years and has happened four times previously before humankind has had the numbers to affect it in any way.