— The Hildabeast is really getting desperate in her attempt to win the presidency. She is now sending out Slick Willie to campaign for her.

— I heard that Spalding County will be the subject of a new reality show: “American Idle.”

— Obviously, the worst problem in the world right now is Griffin High finding a quality football coach. Anything else that’s going on, pales in comparison.

— Clemson coach Dabo Swinney, who is from Alabama, says that Alabama is the smartest state because there are four As and one B in its name. There is also an “M” in its name, which stands for “morons.”

— Politicians are not the answer to America’s problems. The only way we can transform our country is to transform our homes and the only way we can transform our homes is to transform individuals through Christ. And no, I am not talking about this watered-down, plastic religion that’s being peddled in the vast majority of mainstream Protestant churches.

— Low oil prices are a big reason that the world economy is in bad shape. These left-wing, environmental wackos who drive hybrids are a big part of the problem. If they would drive regular cars, that would increase the demand for oil and increase oil prices, thereby improving the world economy.

— Dick Polman’s column professes a concern about Trump being too autocratic, but Barack Obama has been the most autocratic president since FDR.

— I heard about a woman who got arrested for dressing like a man. She was charged with male fraud.

— It’s a good thing Barney Fife is no longer a deputy. If he was a deputy today, Obama would make him turn in his only bullet.

— The state of Georgia should file a lawsuit against Greece for using the name of Athens for one of its cities. We need to teach those Greeks a lesson once and for all.

— I am puzzled that candidates have to pay money to be qualified to run in elections. You are either qualified or you’re not. No amount of money can make you qualified for public office.

— I am very glad the County Commission is focused on important issues like “Rotary Has a Heart Day.” Way to go, County Commission, for looking out for the people of Spalding County.