— What Griffin really needs is a place for senior citizens to get a haircut that doesn’t cost an arm and leg. It is hard for a person that is on a fixed income to pay $15 for a haircut. Senior citizens don’t have that much hair anyway.

— Remember when they told you Obama was born in Kenya and then he showed his birth certificate. Remember when they told you Obama would increase the deficit and then it got cut by two-thirds. Remember when they told you that Obamacare would kill jobs, and then unemployment started dropping. Why do you still listen to those same people?

— I saw where Donald Trump is going to speak at the convocation at Liberty University. From now on I am going to give up reading my Bible, going to church and listening to my minister and will do whatever Donald Trump says since he knows so much about the Bible and Christianity. If he wasn’t a theology expert, the good folks at Liberty would not let him speak.