— I look forward to the Kiwanis Club Pancake Day every year. These men and women are making a positive impact in our community and we need to support them.

— I am happy that NASCAR season is almost here, except for one thing. I can’t stand Kyle Busch or Kurt Busch. I wish both of those ill-mannered Yankees would go back to where they came from.

— I find it kind of funny that a person was groaning about none of the top four teams playing Georgia. The reason they couldn’t play Georgia is their scheduled was booked with the Troy States, Charleston Southern, Griffin High School. They play a powder-puff schedule. Ask yourself why they don’t

play the big boys, cause they know they can’t win.

— Now the Republicans have control of both houses of the Congress. Let the war on the environment begin.

— The person or persons that keep making negative remarks about Sun City and its residents need to stifle (that means hush up). I’m a Griffin resident, but happen to know a number of Sun City folks through church. Besides the positive economic impact they make to this community, they do more civic and volunteer work than the majority of Spalding County residents, including myself.

— In reference to the city’s “fresh paint initiative.” It reminds me of the old saying that you can paint a trash can gold, but it’s still a trash can. It’s typical of the thinking around here. Let’s not address the real problems, but just slap a coat of paint on it and make it look like we’re doing something.

— Road diet? Whoever heard of such a thing? There are plenty of heifers here in Griffin who need to go on a diet, but I have never heard of a road diet.

— Our wuss of a president, during the dark of night, released five terrorists, without a trial, back into society to kill again and again and to be a threat to the United States.

— Seattle Seahawks quarterback Russell Wilson cried after his team won the NFC Championship game. This made me uncomfortable because men should not be crying in public.

— If the country singer Waylon Jennings decided to hunt whales while singing, what would he be called? Whalin’ Wailin’ Waylon Jennings.

— I wrote a short, meaningless poem about a chicken once. In fact, it was paltry poultry poetry.

— My Two Cents. The most entertaining column in The Griffin Daily News.

— Three-year-olds at restaurants. When I was a kid, my parents made sure I behaved in public, whether it was at a restaurant, a store or in church. What is going on with parents nowadays letting their kids run wild?

— Spay and neutering, not only for pets. There should be mandatory spay and neutering for some humans in the Griffin area, especially for some My Two Cents contributors.

— Jeff Gordon is well-spoken and clean-shaven so, of course, he has always ticked off old-school NASCAR fans. The amount of hatred from some of these fans amazes me.

— All of you liberal fools who believe in global warming should watch the weather report. Boston just got 2 feet of snow. Put that in your pipe and smoke it.

— In the Crime Stoppers that ran on Jan. 29, five of the six criminals had tattoos. Coincidence? I think not.

— Now that football season is over, I will have to start spending Sundays with my wife. Someone needs to start a spring football league.

— Parents who don’t get their kids vaccinated are idiots. There are understandable exceptions, like allergies, but some of these parents are loony.

— Regarding the numerous train horns very late at night in the industrial area. Norfolk Southern railroad says they pick up or drop off train cars late at night due to the schedule requested by the industrial customers. Now we can complain to those responsible. Many of us in the area were here long before the industrial area was built.

— My wife is a big fan of these cooking shows and cooking channels. Those shows are really boring, but it really bothers me that many of these shows are hosted by men. Don’t they know that cooking is a woman’s job?

— In regard to the story “County Commissioners to hold workshops.” How can a group of people hold workshops when they don’t work?

— I am by no means an Obama supporter, and I am a lifelong Republican, but some of the comments in My Two Cents are just stupid. Obama is the worst leader of all time? I guess you have never heard of Caligula, Nero, Pol Pot, Mussolini, Hitler or Stalin.

— I don’t have any problem with February being Black History Month, but I think March should be White History Month.

— Hunting and fishing are barbaric and backward? Whoever made that comment must be a Yankee who eats tofu and listens to public radio and has never stepped one foot in the woods.