— On inaugural day, Trump had to take time out of celebrating to sign important papers like officially selecting his Cabinet. The one non-routine task was to declare war on the middle class by rolling back a rate cut for FHA insurance, making home ownership harder for the middle class.

— I saw where John McCain said we will not be bringing back torture to the U.S., but if the U.S. was concerned about getting rid of torture, we need to ban all these stupid reality shows. These shows are really painful to watch.

— Sheriff Darrell Dix says, “What’s going on in our country cannot be solved by a man or men. It’s going to take divine intervention.” No, sheriff. What’s going on in our country can and must be solved by men and women from all walks of life working together.

— So the “America First” just issued an executive order to allow a Canadian company to build a pipeline across U.S. land so the Canadians can sell their oil to the Chinese. This can only be considered a good deal if you own stock.

— We are lucky to have Melania Trump as the first woman. She is a modest and kind lady, and she will be a good role model for all American women. She is not as pretty as Sarah Palin, but she is in the same ballpark.

— To the idiot complaining about soldiers wearing Revolutionary uniforms and carrying muskets during the Inauguration parade: Those are not their regular uniforms, you idiot. They have modern uniforms and weapons. The parade uniforms are just ceremonial.

— I really liked the Almond Brothers in the 70s. It was sad about their drummer passing away.

— Trump threatens to send “the Feds” to Chicago and threatens to crack down on sanctuary cities. What happened to state’s rights?

— So it was OK for the TEA party to protest Obama, but not OK for women to protest Trump? I am not for either protest, but hypocrisy abounds in this country — and both Republicans and Democrats are guilty.

— Soon after Obama was elected, there was a picture of Dubbya with the caption “Do you miss me yet?” and for eight years the answer was heck no. But now the answer is yes.

— You voted for Donald Trump. Are you happy now?

— On the news, I heard there was a baby crawling around the White House. To my surprise, it wasn’t Donald Trump, but his grandson.