• I would like to express a great big thank you to whoever came up with the idea of allowing seniors over 75 years of age to advance to the front of the line in early voting. It made it so much easier for my husband and me.

• He is not religious (remember “two Corinthians”) and looks down on those who are, is an adulterer (with porn stars), corrupt, denies science and is actively anti-science (unless findings are beneficial to his agenda), was a back-slapping buddy with a pedophile, golfs too much (three times …

After making fun of Biden for wearing masks, Trump told the American people, COVID is nearly behind us. COVID replied, “Not so fast!”

• The winner of the debate? No one. Who will be the real loser in November? The American people.

Here’s a tip to you so-called “Christians” — rather than trying to find the truth on Fox News, right-wing websites or Facebook, how about actually reading your Bible for a change?

• A dishonest president and now a dishonest attorney general.

• Mr. Policeman, how very unprofessional of you was it to search a car at the end of my driveway on East Broadway, then when you were finished, you took your gloves off and threw them on my yard? For your information we are in the midst of a pandemic. Please be more careful in the future. We…

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• Saying that wearing a mask during a pandemic is living in fear is like saying wearing oven mitts means you are afraid of the oven.

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• It’s the 100th anniversary of women’s right to vote, how will you celebrate, Donald Trump? By inviting a speaker to the convention that believes the man of the house should be the only one who votes!

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• Imagine a world without Donald Trump. Now make sure you are registered to vote and cast your vote as early as possible.

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• Did all the looting in Chicago help the Black Lives Matter cause?

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• One thousand Americans are dying each day from the COVID-19 virus, approaching a total of 160,000 total deaths in the United States alone. Our president Donald Trump tells us that things are under control. Further, he acknowledges the numbers and states, “It is what it is, what can you do?…

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• The Georgia Republican Party will challenge the votes of every minority voter to prevent Democratic candidates from winning any senatorial and congressional seat.

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— If you think only Black lives matter, you probably are a racist. If you think only white lives matter, you probably are a racist. If you think all lives matter, you are probably a Christian. Pick one.

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— Conservatives have pretty much always championed local governments and local control, but they are now exposed as a bunch of hypocrites. If you tout local control, then how can it be wrong for the city of Atlanta and other local cities and counties to mandate masks? I think it's because th…

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— If you are not wearing a mask out in public, you are showing you are selfish and have no regard for other people.

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• Football. Joe Montana was overrated. He wasn’t a very good quarterback. He was surrounded by a good team, that’s about it. I can’t see how he could have played on a high school team, much less an NFL team. 49ers were overrated. They were a good team in the 1980s, but not great. The 1949 Ea…

• Rayshard Brooks would be alive today if he had simply complied.

• Instinct says if someone hurts you, hurt them back even more. God says do not be overcome by evil, but overcome evil with good. That’s what Jesus taught, and so did Martin Luther King Jr.

• A lot of people are complaining about the CDC. I would love for all these critics to actually go into the labs and show us all how all this is supposed to be done. After all, these critics are the real experts because they have looked up stuff on Google.

Everyone who thinks COVID-19 is not dangerous, please raise your hand. Now that your hand is up, slap yourself hard because you deserve it for being foolish.

• I disagree with the weirdo who eats fake meat. Meat, and beef in particular, is the foundation of America’s greatness, and beef made this country what it is today. I wonder if this person also holds communist views?

• We should not blame immature high school seniors for the decision to hold graduation ceremonies in the middle of a world pandemic. The blame should be placed at the feet of parents and school administrators who refuse to say no to these precious little snowflakes. It used to be that parent…

• It has its neighsayers, but I have always liked equestrian sports.

• So, Governor Kemp says we must maintain social distancing but, among other things, opened barbershops. Please explain how a barber can stay 6 feet away from me and still cut my hair?

• Trump knows less about medicine than Dr. Pepper.

• Coronavirus is God’s judgment on America for not supporting Donald Trump. America, repent and start supporting our president before it’s too late!

• Predatory capitalism. Money above matters. They have the warnings. Can’t think. Don’t care? Emissions? Money? Is it too late? Oh no, you lie, you lie.

• Fire Down Below. A 1997 Steven Segal movie or what happens when I eat spicy food.

• Country music. The music I hear on so-called country music stations is not country music.

• I would rather lick doorknobs in China than vote for any of the Democrat candidates.

• I feel for you man, your mother-in-law lives in your head. You are trapped by the thoughts coming out of it. You will never be free of her, even if she goes to heaven. If you want to know what your wife will look like in her 60s or 70s, just look at her mother, your mother-in-law.

— On inaugural day, Trump had to take time out of celebrating to sign important papers like officially selecting his Cabinet. The one non-routine task was to declare war on the middle class by rolling back a rate cut for FHA insurance, making home ownership harder for the middle class.

— If news supports my political views, then it’s real news, but if it doesn’t support my political views, then it’s fake news.

— In 1935 Adolf Hitler outlawed prayer in the schools and did all he could to stop people from reading the Bible. He had great difficulty with Easter and Christmas, so he sought to keep the holidays but reinterpret their meaning. Easter became a celebration heralding the arrival of spring, a…

— So the commissioners have approved yet another cost increase on the overpriced pickleball courts. Let’s drain the swamp of those who cater to special interests.

— Herman Cain said that “we have a new sheriff in town and his name is Donald J. Trump.” Cain is 100 percent wrong about that — Trump was elected as president, not sheriff.

• I found it very hard to believe that Nick Saban was named the new head coach at GHS. I checked it out and nothing has been reported on it on any sports or news websites. The GDN sports department needs to check its facts before reporting such an erroneous story. The GDN also contradicted i…

— In 2012 when Ted Cruz mistakenly thought Obama was born in Kenya, he said that disqualified him to be president. Now Trump is saying Cruz is not qualified because he was born in Canada. I just love karma.

— To the people of Griffin: What do you or your kids watch on TV? As the president starts working on gun-control policies for our nation, we should watch what we allow ourselves and kids to watch at the movies and on TV that may encourage our kids and their friends to participate in gun viol…

— Thanks to Obama, America has no credibility in the world. All our enemies know they can do anything because we have no leader. Vote for Hillary and it will get worse.

— The Hildabeast is really getting desperate in her attempt to win the presidency. She is now sending out Slick Willie to campaign for her.

— What Griffin really needs is a place for senior citizens to get a haircut that doesn’t cost an arm and leg. It is hard for a person that is on a fixed income to pay $15 for a haircut. Senior citizens don’t have that much hair anyway.

— It is January, and I have only had to wear my winter coat twice. This proves that global warming is occurring. Some people won’t believe there is global warming until it is 150 degrees during the month of July.

— If you are not smart enough to operate the turn signals, what makes you think you are smart enough to operate the rest of the vehicle?

— I look forward to the Kiwanis Club Pancake Day every year. These men and women are making a positive impact in our community and we need to support them.

— It would be so neat if the athletes from our county who went pro all chipped in and bought the old building on Meriwether to be the Griffin-Spalding Athletic Hall of Fame. The renovation work could be done by the construction students at the high schools and Southern Crescent as on-the-job…

— Why are there rumors about the quality of water in the city water system? Is any state agency not connected with the city checking this? Look at the charges on your city utilities bill. Our water should be the finest available anywhere. The quality of the water is a serious issue. Everyone…

— Let’s tear down the old Haisten building and get this over with. I would like to see a Red Lobster at that location.