To the editor: On the front page of the Wednesday, Feb. 17, 2021, Griffin Daily News edition, was printed the following headline: “Commissioners instruct elections board to pay Wimbish bill.”

It seems to this long-time Spalding County resident that the hiring of attorney Dexter Wimbish by the Spalding County Board of Elections should never have happened in the first place. The county has an attorney who is paid for services rendered, and also is the attorney for every Spalding County department.

Yes, I also agree that 2020 was a “huge year” for the Elections and Voter Registration office, with the introduction of new voting machines and an unprecedented number of absentee ballots, as one of the county commissioners declared. Still, that is not an excuse for a department head reaching out and hiring another attorney. The director of the county elections board should have used the county attorney that is already in place for that purpose.

Doesn’t the Spalding County Board of Commissioners have a set of bylaws that governs and covers the hiring and firing of personnel?

If so, have the Spalding County department heads read and understood them? Does the Board of Elections believe they set their own policies, even though they get their funds to operate from the Spalding County taxpayers, as does every county department?

“They chose to go outside the normal parameters,” County Manager William Wilson said. What a true statement, but the Board of Elections has not been under normal parameters since they have been given the sole authority to hire and fire the Spalding County elections supervisor. No other Spalding County department has that authority.

The paper printed that Mr. Wimbish was hired by the Board of Elections on Nov. 10, 2020. My last question, has Mr. Wimbish been fired by the same elections board? If not, why not?

Tommie Lee

Griffin resident