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To the editor: My wife and I have been out of town for awhile visiting the land of millionaires at St. Simons Island. So, I have not had an opportunity to thank those that voted for me in my run for the District 4 school board race this past July.

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To the editor: We have lost one of the best at a time when we needed him the most. I have met John Lewis only twice. Both times were at the airport when he was either coming from or going to Washington.

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To the editor: I have always felt lucky and proud to be an American. No matter the obstacle, we as a nation have always pulled together to overcome it.

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To the editor: Most white people like me don’t ponder much about how African-American people live their lives. We are busy and there is so much else going on in our lives.

To the editor: The Griffin Moose Lodge No. 1503 would like to thank the 45 donors on our December blood drive. Our total pints to date is almost 2,500. Remember — one pint saves three lives.

To the editor: I’m somewhat what you may call back into the teaching field again and preparing to spend time as a substitute teacher. I love spending time with the kids because they’re young and always happy. They make us feel young and happy, as well. Whether you write it on the board or no…

To the editor: Because of a lot of caring, giving and loving people, 239 kids woke up Christmas morning with a new bike under the tree. I could not do this alone.

To the editor: As someone who was born and raised in Spalding County, for the first time in my life I am ashamed to be from the place I’ve called home all my life.

To the editor: I see so many references online to impeachment of President Obama. My reaction is: Why bother? Why not give it a rest? President Obama is probably the person who least wants President Obama to be the president of the United States right now. People have been deceived into beli…

To the editor: This was the 20th year we have been doing Bobby D’s bike fund-raisers for kids.

To the editor: We the people and homeowners of Tanyard Road in Pike County are being discriminated against due to race. Tanyard Road is in a decrepit condition. Our road is full of holes and ruts. We have contacted the commissioner of this district, the county manager and the road superinten…

To the editor: On Jan. 19, Diane, our two cats and I were at home watching the Broncos beat the Patriots. I sat comfortably in my Lazy Boy rocker near the fireplace with a crackling fire keeping us warm. Suddenly the fire was doing more than crackling. It was roaring. I ran outside to see ab…

To the editor: Dateline: November 2013 ... Senate majority leader Harry Reid hypocritically calls for the deployment of the legislative nuclear option in an effort to prevent Republican senators from filibustering upcoming executive and judicial nominations. Fearing that Republicans will fig…