The most heinous crimes are the ones committed against children — and the most heinous crimes that are committed against children are child molestation and child pornography.

Whenever president-elect Joe Biden makes a rare public appearance and is out of the immediate control of his team it increases my suspicions that he is not physically, and above all mentally, up to the job he is about to take over.

Walter Williams loved teaching. Unlike too many other teachers today, he made it a point never to impose his opinions on his students. Those who read his syndicated newspaper columns know that he expressed his opinions boldly and unequivocally there. But not in the classroom.

I hope everyone had a wonderful Thanksgiving holiday and your week is going well. I am taking a break from my series on the anatomy of a criminal case to reflect on the holiday season.

In totalitarian societies, governments suppress the church and religious worship. That’s because dictators believe citizens should worship them as the highest authority and not a Higher Authority, which they view as a threat to their power and position.

Several years ago, Project Baltimore began an investigation of Baltimore’s school system. What they found was an utter disgrace. In 19 of Baltimore’s 39 high schools, out of 3,804 students, only 14 of them, or less than 1%, were proficient in math. In 13 of Baltimore’s high schools, not a si…

On Nov. 25, the day that Pennsylvania crossed 10,000 COVID-19 fatalities, Republican lawmakers in the General Assembly gathered at a hotel in Gettysburg to hold a taxpayer-funded campaign rally headlined by the soon-to-be former president of the United States.

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Every Thanksgiving, we make a conscious effort to give thanks. This year, even in the midst of a pandemic, I’d encourage you to be genuinely grateful for everything you may take for granted. There is still so very much.

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It may be the sort of birthday where someone shouts, “50 candles blazing on the cake? Are you crazy? Why don’t we just fill a pinata with cow methane while we’re at it? “

It happened a year or two ago that I read a magazine piece that moved me enough to reach out to the writer and compliment him.

“Dang! Why is the paper so big, Dad?” The overflowing newsprint slid from his little arms, landing in a jumbled mess on the kitchen table.

In politics, conventional wisdom embodies a narrative created by like-minded individuals who promote it relentlessly until it achieves credibility and acceptance by a broader audience.

In the suburbs of Philadelphia, Montgomery County’s Board of Health issued an order by unanimous vote last week to shut down all in-person learning at school for two weeks.

One of the many big surprises in this month’s surprising election was the Democrats’ failure to overturn Republican majorities in state legislatures. Various Democratic committees budgeted $88 million to flip majorities in big states such as Texas, Florida and North Carolina. Total gains: zero.

The Trump legal team’s move over the weekend to distance itself from attorney Sidney Powell as it seeks to overturn the November 3 election results is a major blow to the president’s attempt to win a second term.

Some of the confusion in thinking about matters of race stems from the ambiguity in the terms that we use. I am going to take a stab at suggesting operational definitions for a couple terms in our discussion of race. Good analytical thinking requires that we do not confuse one behavioral phe…

Among the most surprising of the multiple surprising results in this election was California’s rejection of Proposition 16. The ballot measure was supported by the Democratic supermajorities in the state legislature; by long-established corporations and Silicon Valley tech firms; by leaders …

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Traditions. That’s what the holidays are all about. Our family is no different. Over the next week, we will dine on delectable culinary creations made only a few times a year. We will catch up with family members seen all too infrequently. We will bring the forest into our living room, filli…

Everywhere one looks there are warning signs, from labels on cigarette packs warning that smoking causes cancer, to ridiculous labels on thermometers that read, “Once used rectally, the thermometer should not be used orally.”

On the rare occasions that Joe Biden emerged from his basement into the daylight in the run-up to the election, he touted his Scranton roots. Biden’s tone was along the lines of, “Hey, it’s me, plain old Blue-Collar Joe, a guy from working-class Scranton who will make American workers’ conce…

If I am deficient in my knowledge about chemistry, or a medical issue, or what kind of car to buy, I consult people who know more than I do on these subjects.

Well, I have some not so great news to share. We were hopeful that we would be able to hold jury trials in December. However, the rise in COVID-19 infections has led us to put jury trials on pause as we continue to focus on the safety of our jurors. That means that my office will continue to…

You present to a physician with severe abdominal pain. He examines you and concludes that your ingrown toenails are the cause of your abdominal distress. He prescribes that you soak your feet in warm water but that does not bring relief to your abdominal pain. Then he suggests that you apply…

It’s been a very long and weird week since Joe Biden won Pennsylvania and its 20 Electoral College votes, making him the projected winner of the White House and the president-elect of the United States.

It is now obvious that Joe Biden’s presidential “victory” has entered the fabled realm of “settled science.” And in record time.

To some Democrats, House Speaker Nancy Pelosi seems invulnerable. This year, two Pelosi events that would shame average Americans, and cost them their jobs, were like water off a duck’s back.

The day after the secretary of defense was fired is not a great time for the secretary of state to joke about a transition to a “second Trump administration.” If he was, in fact, joking.

A blessed child is raised up with a solid foundation of teaching that will undergird and carry that child down through that journey of life.

According to my mother, my sister had a “meltdown” the other day. My sister’s mother-in-law wanted to change their annual Thanksgiving dinner plans, and it threw my sister into a justified tailspin.

Evangelical Christians have unquestionably been a loyal and largely unmovable base of support for President Trump since he has been in office and in some cases before. Should the election results not be overturned by recounts or court decisions, where do they go and what should they do?

“I like a good contrarian argument as much as the next guy,” tweets mild-mannered RealClearPolitics senior elections analyst Sean Trende, “but there’s really no getting around the fact that the 2020 polling was a pile of steaming garbage.”

It is one of the most profound questions that Jesus asks in any of the gospel accounts.

If Joe Biden survives recounts and several lawsuits filed by the Trump campaign into what Trump says has been widespread vote-counting fraud (we await proof), do not expect him to be hounded over his and Hunter Biden’s business ties to China and Ukraine as President Trump has been over “Russ…

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The academic achievement gap between black and white students has proven resistant to most educational policy changes. Some say that educational expenditures explain the gap, but is that true? Look at educational per pupil expenditures: Baltimore city ranks fifth in the U.S. for per pupil sp…

1. This was not a good night for conventional polling. My review in the Nov. 3 Wall Street Journal of a book on the history of “polling failures” took perhaps too positive a view of contemporary polling. I find it remarkable that polling has been as accurate as it has been in a country where…

Veterans Day parades? Veterans Day school essays? Veterans Day ceremonies on the courthouse lawn? Star-spangled Veterans Day memes on social media? Platitude-enhanced newspaper editorials?

A 30-year career in the small-town newspaper business has taught me one thing: A newspaper is only as good as the community it serves.

“Saturday Night Live” is known for many things, especially the commercial spoofs that for decades have lampooned merchandise and marketing trends. One of the most iconic featured Chevy Chase as a pitchman hawking a product that was both “a dessert topping and a floor wax.”

What now? As I sit down to write this week, the results of the election are still in question. No clear winner has been declared, so we all wait. This interim moment will eventually end, and we will be left with the same question: What now?

The pollsters got it wrong again. Some claimed going into Tuesday’s election that Joe Biden had an unbeatable margin of 17 points in some states. Pundits claimed Republicans would lose between five and 15 seats in the House. It appears they’ve picked up a few. And because final results will …

As I write, the outcome of the 2020 presidential race remains in doubt, though it seems very likely that Joe Biden will squeeze out a victory. This is a stunning departure from the resounding repudiation of Donald Trump that we had been hoping for. Here are a few groggy, morning-after reflections.

I usually avoid discussing politics in my columns, mainly because I would rather not be disowned by family members, unfriended by friends, or doused with milkshakes and other beverages by complete strangers at the local Whataburger.

I hope everyone had an enjoyable week and a safe Halloween. We had a wonderful time trick or treating safely. Halloween looked very different this year, but at least we were able to enjoy it.

I was a teenager, growing up in the Richard Allen housing project of North Philadelphia, when Emmett Till was lynched in Money, Mississippi, on Aug. 28, 1955, and his brutalized, unrecognizable body later recovered from the Tallahatchie River. From 1882-1968, 4,743 lynchings occurred in the …