Q: I’ve earned four degrees and have traveled around the world. This has helped me understand people and cultures and the reasons why people are so different, and even hostile toward one another. Most hatred seems to come from religious persuasions. People fight over the silliest things, lik…

Some editorial writers, columnists and activists are working overtime to tell stories of women who oppose last week’s ruling by the Supreme Court that overturned Roe v. Wade. Women will die, they say. What about the lives of their unborn children?

“You are welcome!” I cannot begin to convey how many times I heard that phrase during our recent time in Uganda. My initial response (in my head, of course) was, “I didn’t say, ‘Thank you. What are talking about?’ ”

The front page of the July 8, 1947 “Roswell (New Mexico) Daily Record” seized the American imagination with the headline “RAAF (Roswell Army Air Field) Captures Flying Saucer.”

Q: My grandparents are products of the 1960s and they were all in, and still are. I have taken a different route and am a Christian. They keep giving me their books about self-empowerment and say that the Bible supports this ideology. I have read parts of these books that seem unbiblical. — M.B.

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Q: I’ve never understood the concept of walking with God. I grew up in church, but it doesn’t make sense to me to walk with someone who is not on Earth. — R.D.

Give the New York Times's Ezra Klein credit for identifying a problem with big government institutions. "Our mechanisms of governance have become so risk averse that they are now running tremendous risks because of the problems they cannot, or will not, solve," he tweeted. The subject was Sa…

Q: Do people understand that what is considered sexual freedom is actually pornography? How has society become so entrenched in sexual perversion but not recognizing it for what it is? — P.S.

In the 1950s when television was in black and white as was the distinction between acceptable and unacceptable behavior, comedian Milton Berle would occasionally wear a dress in a skit, causing the studio audience to laugh uproariously. How things have changed.

Q: The world is trembling at the thought of another war in Europe. If the world is truly God’s family, having a sense of “brotherhood,” shouldn’t this give us pause? — W.T.

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Q: There is so much said today about young people not being able to “adult.” I’m told it means that young people are not being taught how to grow up. What is the problem? – Y.A.

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The old man shuffled along the sidewalk, his work boots dusty with a hint of red mud clinging to one heel. From the pocket of well-worn overalls, he pulled a red bandana and wiped his nose.

In constitutional terms, America must be educated as broadly as possible “in order to form a more perfect union, establish justice ... (and) promote the general welfare.” While a high school diploma once was enough to do that, providing a ticket out of unskilled drudge work, that diploma now…

This month, I’ve come across two outstanding articles by writers I had not previously known on important trends on the political right and political left. One is “What Comes After the Religious Right?,” a guest essay in the New York Times written by Nate Hochman, an Intercollegiate Studies I…

Q: A phrase has emerged in society that everyone uses now but few can explain what it means: “a person of faith.” I’m a person of faith in that I believe in God, but I don’t consider myself a Christian because there’s a great deal of the Bible I disagree with. — P.F.

If the House January 6 committee proceeds to its seemingly predetermined conclusion that Donald Trump incited the Capitol riot and tried to reverse the results of the 2020 election and if they recommend to the Department of Justice that Trump committed criminal acts and should be prosecuted,…

Q: For the most part, I’m a happy person. I’ve been married for two years, have an important job, and quite a large Facebook following and have invested a lot of time into building a cool platform. But many posts I read make me wonder what life is all about. Even when things are going well, …

A popular meme on social media says “The Founding Fathers had not just returned from a hunting trip when they wrote the 2nd Amendment.”

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Last month I wrote about my Mama Bear for Mother’s Day, so I guess I have to write about my dad now. I’m kidding of course, I’ve been very much looking forward to writing about him.

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Last Sunday, eight members of the Flint River Bass Club fished our June tournament at Bartletts Ferry. We also had one youth fish in the tournament. The club has a special category for youth; they fish with an adult club member or family member and there is no entry fee for them. If they cat…

Q: There have always been wicked leaders of the world. Is man capable of determining good leaders from bad leaders? Does the Bible call out wicked leaders? — G.B.

Meta Platforms, until October 2021 known as Facebook, is in turmoil. Infamous for its commitment to employing H-1B workers, and simultaneously undermining qualified U.S. tech workers’ careers, the Silicon Valley titan is finally getting its just rewards.

Q: I grew up in a home where nasty language was used at the kitchen table and in every conversation. When I became an adult, it was natural to communicate the same way. I’ve become a Christian and friends tell me that I should clean up my mouth. Can this habit be broken? — T.H.

Every Republican who’s ever denied or tried to minimize the hideously destructive reality of the violence at the U.S. Capitol on Jan. 6, 2021, should be required to sit and listen to the testimony of Capitol Police Officer Caroline Edwards.

Q: I visited the Titanic exhibit and found it interesting to read the account of how many “souls” were lost in that tragedy. It makes me curious as to why people are referred to as souls instead of bodies or people. We cannot see a soul; is it similar to our imaginations? — S.B.

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Q: I own several versions of the Bible but have been told that the King James Version is the most popular. This is surprising when some of the language is archaic. Why is this? — V.B.

Q: Watching the movie “A Quiet Place” has me asking a lot of questions about the apocalypse and it’s disturbing because it isn’t about a quiet place, but full of terror and death. It made me feel frantic. What is the truth about the meaning of apocalypse? — E.T.

In my hometown, our old, red brick library was imploded a couple of years ago and a glistening, modern marvel of gray block and glass was raised.

The end of the school year: a good time to bring your family to Washington to see all the usual highlights — the Lincoln Memorial, the White House, Arlington National Cemetery, the monuments, the Library of Congress. But if your plans include the Supreme Court, forget about it. You can’t eve…