It is no longer clear to me as to when I read first the words of Julia Reed. But it is quite vivid as to when I moved from being a reader of hers to being a fan.

One of the great gifts that my mother gave to me was a love for books. As a child, she read to me on a nightly basis. Regularly, I would select a yellow paperback that centered around an inquisitive little primate and his owner, “The Man in the Yellow Hat.” You can understand my delight when…

Q: I love God and believe I do what pleases Him, but most people are unloving and I find it depressing to be around them, so I stay to myself. The few friends I have tell me that I am actually being disobedient to the Lord. How so? — A.C.

Q: I don’t know much about God but I love to quote a passage my grandmother taught me as a child about the fruit of the Spirit. It seems that if every person would take those wonderful words to heart it could change our relationships, our communities, our country, and the world. — F.S.

Q: My son and his girlfriend are preparing for the arrival of their first child. My heart is broken to see them bring this child into the world without parents who are married and committed to one another for life. I’m afraid for their future as a fractured family. When I try to help them un…

Q: My dear mother is lamenting her life away as she battles with two of her three children about the importance of choosing the right mate for life. She pleads with them the importance of establishing homes that will be centered on the Lord. My brother and sister think her views are too old-…

Q: I’m a new Christian and have been surprised at the trials I’ve encountered since I surrendered to the Lord. My friends who practice New Age beliefs tell me I’m missing out on a life of happiness. I know what I believe, but what can I tell them to counteract their mysticism? — N.A.

An unsolicited solicitation package from Boys Town arrived by mail the other day, earlier and bulkier than usual. I’ve given to a lot of charities, but the Nebraska-based organization, founded in 1917 by Father Edward Flanagan, has never been one of them. Yet, the volume of free stuff they s…

Q: The world seems to be raging with fear about everything. I share with my friends that the Bible says that love casts out fear, but most people simply don’t believe it — L.F.

Most readers of my wife’s column know that I am a transplant. Some might say that I’m an interloper or intruder.

Some people over here in the former Colonies are complaining about all the heavy media coverage of the death of Queen Elizabeth II.

Q: What is the central focus of the Bible and is there a discrepancy between the Old and New Testament concerning Jesus? — C.F.

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So, having earned an associate’s degree from our local community college, my son Gideon is now pursuing a bachelor’s degree in mechatronic engineering from my old alma mater.

Q: I love the message of Jesus Christ and I share my faith and testimony to all those I encounter. My friends say I should be an evangelist, but I’m actually a medical doctor and I’m given tremendous opportunities to help people who are in physical need, but also spiritual need. Is this the …

Q: There is so much suffering in the world, more than I can ever remember. How does a person find joy these days, especially in the midst of disease, war, and financial hardship? There’s no good outcome in suffering. — J.F.

Q: It’s troubling to see the overwhelming focus on the internet, cellphones, and social platforms that consume one of our greatest resources — time. People are so busy expressing their thoughts, troubles, and accomplish-

There are stubborn and unwelcome facts about getting older. The gray hairs that weren’t there the day before. The injuries from running or other sports that come easier and are harder to shake off than they were before.

In the Appalachians years of Mama’s childhood, there wasn’t a lot of learning to be done other than that which comes from hard times and harder work.

People who follow politics are familiar with the scenario. When a Republican “wave” appears likely, or a Republican presidential candidate develops a significant lead over the Democrat candidate, the media begin reporting “stories” that the wave is receding, and the Democrat is gaining ground.

Q: Sleeping is a difficult thing for me every night mainly because I cannot turn my mind off. Is there a spiritual reason for this or can it be a mental or physical explanation? — S.N.

Q: My sister’s very intelligent daughter is working her way through college and has turned her back on God and believes everything the professors teach concerning social matters. I often wonder if this is the delusion mentioned in the Bible. — D.C.

Growing up, my friends and I fished wherever we could. Though we sometimes visited the large lakes in our part of Georgia, we usually fished within a few miles of home. We fished the creeks and swamps in the woods behind our neighborhood, and we fished ponds at a nearby golf course until the…

Q: I am a social worker and deal with many children from broken homes. I’ve also had the privilege of working with the foster care program and other outreaches through my church. I’ve had many chances to encourage children when they are placed in a loving home with people who will treat them…

As a teenager, I was leaving my purely Southern mother’s house one day with a salutation of, “See you later.”

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To say that I am proud of my employees for their work during the past few weeks would be the understatement of the year.

It wasn’t exactly breaking news back in June, but it did stir interest among journalists when CNN’s new boss, Chris Licht, conceded, “Something I have heard from both people inside and outside the organization is complaints we overuse the ‘Breaking News’ banner.” The term, he told his staff,…

Q: Is it right for Christians to live like the world in order to earn a right to tell others about the Gospel? I hear Bible teachers say that this is what the Apostle Paul taught, but I don’t think the Bible teaches that we can be like the world and follow Christ at the same time. — W.F.

Lou Gehrig was a left-handed first-baseman who famously played for the New York Yankees for 15 years. He played in 2,130 consecutive games, never missing a game. What’s so interesting to learn about Lou Gehrig is that after he retired, doctors x-rayed his hands and discovered that every fing…

Safety. Wholeness. Empowerment. These are the three legs upon which Amani Sasa, a ministry to refugees in Kampala, Uganda, stands.

Q: I hear a lot of people talk about Heaven and the streets that are paved with gold and the gates of pearl and about crowns being passed out, but there aren’t too many that talk about worshiping Jesus. Is Heaven about us or about Christ? — H.W.

Q: Why are some of the prophets considered less than the other prophets if indeed they all were spokesman for God? — M.P.

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One of my favorite days is always the first Saturday in May when hundreds of private jets land in Louisville, Kentucky, and limousines arrive for a ride over to beautiful Churchill Downs.

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One must be hooked on the NFL (check), entranced by football wagering (check), and champing at the bit for the season to begin (check) to join a fantasy draft that can take as long as two months to complete (oy).