People on the far left have become so predictable that their statements are no longer “breaking news.” They would be hilarious if they weren’t outrageous or if they didn’t contribute to the undermining of human rights and freedom in other countries.

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About 34 million people have fallen ill with COVID-19 in the U.S. and nearly 610,000 have died. Protection is readily at hand, but is going to waste in storage and in some cases while millions refuse to avail themselves of it.

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It’s been 25 years or so since I first stayed at the Peabody Hotel in Memphis. Proclaimed as the South’s Grand Hotel, I have since stayed a couple of dozen times, at least.

There are many benefits to being young. Fewer responsibilities, no aches and pains, fewer financial burdens. The list goes on and on.

Car buyers are getting crushed by the rapid increase in the cost of new and used cars, but my dad’s old-school negotiating techniques might offer some relief.

I was down the shore last weekend, enjoying the sea, the sun and the sweeping panorama of people without masks. Honestly, that was even more beautiful than the sunset over the Atlantic.

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The first time I toured Matt’s Asheville studio, I couldn’t take my eyes off the large pile of yard clippings lurking in the corner.

In the 1950s there was a quiz show called “To Tell the Truth.” It has been reborn several times but retained its original format. A celebrity panel would try to discover which one of three contestants was telling the truth, as all claimed to be the same person with identical backgrounds.

In a move consistent with the Biden administration’s walk back of former President Donald Trump’s tougher immigration actions and guidelines, the Department of Homeland Security announced it would not pursue time limits on student F-1 visas.

I spent last week vacationing with my family in Newport Beach. I talked to my son Cameron and let him do a little ranting.

Every policy wonk will tell you that after you live in Washington long enough, you start seeing the same issues reemerge on a regular basis. Common ones are praise for the magical ability of government spending to help pay for itself during recessions and handwringing over the myth of middle…

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President Biden delivered a very nice speech last week about the MAGA Republican plot to destroy democracy. But there was one big problem.

It’s an old dream of mine and I just may do it: Buy a travel trailer and live on the American road for weeks at a time.

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By any standard, Zaila Avant-garde is a remarkable 14-year-old girl with a positive and compelling outlook on life.

Did you know that Black people are not going to be allowed to vote in America anymore? At least in states controlled by Republicans. Sounds a bit unlikely, but that’s a conclusion you might have come to if you took seriously what President Joe Biden said in Philadelphia July 13.

From the moment that George Elliott stopped in for a bite at the Dawsonville Pool Room in the mid-1970s and told the joint’s owner, Gordon Pirkle, that the Elliott family was going to take a run at NASCAR, Pirkle was fully on board.

When Thurgood Marshall was strategizing his legal attack on segregation in the public school system of Topeka, Kansas, he asked psychologists Kenneth and Mamie Clark to repeat an experiment they had first conducted 20 years earlier in the 1930s.

“Why don’t you come sit over here with us?” It wasn’t really a question — more of an invitation, really. The day had arrived. I was being asked to sit … at the adult table. For years, I had been relegated to the kid’s table at Thanksgiving, but now, as a result of increased progeny and the p…

Major League Baseball’s All-Star Game, also known as the mid-summer classic, evolved from an unlikely union between National and American League.

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Almost exactly 60 years ago, the newly appointed Chadian ambassador to the United States, Adam Malick Sow, was heading south on Maryland’s Route 40 toward Washington, D.C. He stopped at the Bonnie Brae diner and asked for a menu. The owner, Mrs. Leroy Merritt, sneered, “We don’t serve n-----…

Retirement plans warn of a “penalty for early withdrawal.” Might that also apply to the withdrawal of American and NATO forces from Afghanistan?

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“You load 16 tons and what do you get? Disability payments and not a Corvette.” — with apologies to Tennessee Ernie Ford.

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I like to apply free market analysis to American politics. Within established laws, politicians compete for votes and are rewarded for maximizing voters’ preferences. As in economics, there are sometimes market failures, but mostly the system seems to be self-regulating.

When Pennsylvania Gov. Tom Wolf ran his veto pen across a Republican-authored rewrite of state election law two weeks ago that included new voter identification requirements and tighter deadlines for requesting mail-in ballots, Republicans in the General Assembly announced plans to undo the …

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Is there anyone who can say what is always right and always wrong and present an unchanging standard by which all behavior can be judged?

“That group is a lot more passionate about what they are against than what they are for,” declared my friend in a stinging rebuke of a Christian organization with which I am affiliated. It was a fair assessment. The rhetoric of the organization’s leaders quickly revealed that they were very …

In recent years, kayaking has become a true craze, ranking right up there with TikTok dances, government stimulus checks, and those glorified Lunchables on plywood I can’t pronounce called charcuterie boards. And speaking of unusual pronunciations, before my teenage daughters got involved wi…

In their zeal to mollify the leftist progressive wing of their party, President Biden and the Democratic leadership in Congress have seriously jeopardized what was intended to be the administration’s signature accomplishment — a $4 trillion infrastructure program, the largest national public…

Most of us recall as children getting into a dispute with another kid and then blaming him for starting a fight. When Mom approached you said, “he hit me first.” The other kid denies it and accuses you of hitting him first.

When hammer-thrower Gwen Berry turned her back on the American flag at the Olympic Trials last month, it made me think of Sgt. William Carney.

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Sen. Mitt Romney appeared on Jake Tapper’s CNN show last month, and for a few brief minutes, I felt transported to a saner world. Asked about the gross things some on the right are saying about Gen. Mark Milley, he responded that “Gen. Milley is a person of extraordinary accomplishment and p…

With apologies to the poet E. E. Cummings: It’s Indictment Day, and the world is mud-luscious …

Books and articles — scientific as well as theological — have been written on human nature. Still, most people don’t understand it, or refuse to learn from it, or worse, play to its dark side.

“Evil may so shape events that Caesar will occupy a palace and Christ a cross, but that same Christ will rise up and split history into A.D. and B.C., so that even the life of Caesar must be dated by his name. Yes, ‘the arc of the moral universe is long, but it bends toward justice.’ ”

New York City’s notoriously incompetent election officials have not finished tabulating the votes in the June 22 Democratic primary, with its novel ranked choice voting system. But the first choices of voters — minus some 124,000 absentees — nevertheless reveal some important things about th…

“Buffets Are Back — With New Policies and Gloves,” blared the headline recent on the front page of the Wall Street Journal.

Tina Ford understands the toll of gun violence like few of us ever will. She lives with it every day.