All my father ever wanted as a young man was to marry my mother and start a family — plans that were interrupted when he was drafted into the Army during the Korean conflict.

Q: I am a life coach and enjoy my job because I can help people be better than what they think they can be. Are there certain points a Christian counselor can use in helping rebellious people who have opinions that are self-destructive? — L.C.

I am a spiritual person. Devoting quiet moments in the morning to mind and body connection is embedded into my daily routine. I can attest to the popular lifestyle concept of “the power of presence”; it works for me. Sometimes.

It’s tough to decide what’s more odious: Florida Gov. Ron DeSantis’ racist, authoritarian, and nakedly political power play rejecting an Advanced Placement course on African American studies, or the College Board’s cowardly decision to revise the course in the face of this thuggish criticism.

In our family, no food is held in higher esteem than the biscuit. Cornbread runs a close second, but there’s an art to making a biscuit that the easy-going, non-frills cornbread does not require.

Q: It seems people are comfortable talking about religion as long as it doesn’t include the saving grace of Jesus Christ. It seems religion has been rebranded. — R.R.

Since the storms of Jan. 12, members of our community have shared their experiences coping with the tragedy and its aftermath. For some, it was a trauma that they have been reliving repeatedly. They may still experience the sounds and sites whenever they close their eyes. They struggle with …

Q: I am a social worker and a Christian. While I have to follow certain regulations in dealing with people, I want to help them know who can truly help them in their deep moments of depression, which is an epidemic. The world turns to drugs; I pray they will turn to Jesus. — S.W.

The events of Jan. 12, were a surreal nightmare on a scale that I have never seen. Spalding County was torn asunder by multiple tornadoes. Some areas of the county looked like a bomb had been dropped off. Acres and acres of trees leveled, cars flipped over and so many homes and businesses we…

Quite by accident, I have made Tink a star. I, without thought, have done what the biggest stars in Hollywood could not do.

I’ve never been a huge fan of hot chocolate. For some reason, I don’t enjoy cauterizing the inside of my mouth after being duped by the deceptively-tepid whipped cream or marshmallow topping.

One of the more heartbreaking and touching experiences I had over the past week was a conversation between two neighbors.

Middle-class philanthropy may be dying. Citing a study released by the Indiana University Lilly Family School of Philanthropy, “National Review” magazine says the share of American households donating to charity nosedived from 66% in 2000 to 50% in 2018.

If you’re a parent with kids in public school, you are doubtless aware of the roiling controversies about the teaching of critical race theory and about policies governing the participation of trans athletes in sports. Those things are not trivial, but you’re probably not hearing much about …

It happened 15 years ago yet the memory sticks to me like cotton candy to a child’s hand.

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Q: Students are so impressionable and as a teacher, I am trying to counter what others are teaching them such as, “There are no absolutes; all truth is relative.” The very comment contradicts itself because it’s an absolute statement. What Bible verses are absolutes? — A.T.

Q: I’m desperate to find the answer to my dilemma. My friends continually berate me for living a squeaky-clean life because I will not live with my boyfriend and party with them. They call me holier than thou. I’m a Christian but I feel so alone when they tell me they are Christians also. Ca…

“I’m gonna live forever, baby, remember my name” — “Fame”

I love my gas stove — almost as much as I love my Weber gas grill.

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Q: My college philosophy professor has said, “The key to life is to have a strong bond with yourself.” On the other hand, my pastor says that the key to life is to become one in Christ. These are very different philosophies and confusing to students. — K.L.

Less than two weeks ago, it looked like Pennsylvania’s normally fractious House of Representatives had suddenly discovered sanity, with lawmakers coming together to elect a compromise candidate for speaker who promised to work as an independent and put the people first.

Q: We’re young parents that want to raise our children right, but we don’t want to nag them and give them endless rules. We’re told that this can suppress their personalities and abilities and make them angry. What’s the best guidance to help raise happy children? — C.P.

“In so much as it is within your control in a situation, be kind.”

Have you ever personally witnessed a train wreck? My guess is that not many of us can say that we have. However, most of us have had front row seats for the proverbial train wreck in the life of someone we love — a life that is out of control and is inevitably headed for disaster. What do yo…

Q: The New Yorker printed a story about cults blurring the lines concerning religion. To me, it’s obvious the difference since cults worship idols and religion worships people, right? — C.C.

In the 1980s, I repeatedly watched a recorded copy of the film “Escape from New York” on my family’s Panasonic VCR — complete with tuning knobs the size of hubcaps.

It’s an amenity that most consumers take for granted. It’s an amenity that most retailers and professionals grudgingly accept as a cost of doing business.

Q: Why does our culture always talk about a broken heart or a glad heart? The heart is simply another part of the body like the brain that does our thinking and our lungs that give us breath. — P.H.

Q: It’s discouraging to pray for things that never come. I don’t mean “things” as much as praying for peace to come to this world, diseases to be exterminated, poverty to be overcome, relationships to be restored, and people to be saved. Why pray if the right answers don’t come? — P.D.

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It’s hard to tell what’s changing faster, the weather or words used to describe it.

When you have the beginning of a cold, nothing sparkly to wear and you really hate New Year’s, you watch television. If a certain station has the good sense to run a marathon of vintage Twilight Zone episodes, your choice is made from the moment you hear “doo dee da doo, doo dee da doo” comi…

Q: I grew up in a simple but stable home. It grieves me to see so few families who know this kind of life. It seems people have given up in trying to live this way. Is it true that if home life is torn asunder, society is also torn asunder? — H.W.

The new slim Republican majority in the House of Representatives lacks something besides its slim majority and the battle over leadership positions. It lacks intellectual depth.

As I neared the end of my time in seminary, one professor posed a challenge to our class. “We’ve spent a lot of time learning to exegete (interpret) the scriptures effectively. To what degree, however, have we learned to exegete the broader culture around us?” As an experiment, he posed the …

At the beginning of each new year, 39% of U.S. adults set New Year’s resolutions. The most popular resolutions each year are more exercise and a healthier diet. While these people begin the year with great intentions, they often come up short by the end of the year.

Q: I’ve heard the phrase “patience is a virtue.” That is a virtue I’m not sure I can attain. I’m a doer and don’t have a lot of patience in waiting for things to happen. I make them happen! Is that so bad? — I.P.

I hope everyone had an enjoyable holiday. Christmas is my favorite time of year, and I enjoy celebrating traditions with my family. Our traditions often involve food. For example, on Christmas morning, breakfast casserole and ambrosia are a must. These dishes remind me of Christmas mornings …

Q: I’ve been trying to teach my teenagers how others can influence them for good or bad. The phrase “under the influence” is a powerful thought but I’ve only heard it used in relation to alcohol and drugs. Can it be a good thing? — T.P.