Upson woman arrested after baby thrown out window

A Thomaston resident is being held in the Upson County Jail after she reportedly threw her infant daughter out the window of an Upson County residence.

Angela Denise Green is charged with cruelty to children in the first degree and reckless conduct, according to Upson County Jail records.

The 2-month-old child was transported to Upson Regional Medical Center and was released to a relative following the incident, Upson County Sheriff Dan Kilgore said Tuesday.

Green and the infant reportedly had been spending time with the baby’s father Thursday before the two began arguing early Friday morning, Upson County Sheriff Dan Kilgore said Monday.

The baby’s father thought the arguing was over, but then walked into the kitchen and found Green had allegedly set a box of diapers on fire on the kitchen stove.

Kilgore said the man took the box outside before it could set the rest of the house on fire. When he returned to the kitchen, Green had then reportedly lit a comforter on fire.

The man had taken the comforter outside when Green is said to have noticed him sitting on the porch before throwing the infant out of the window.

The father picked up the child and went to a neighbor’s home to call law enforcement and emergency personnel.

Kilgore said it is “very fortunate” the child was not seriously injured in the incident.

“It is unfortunate this happened but I am very glad the baby is okay,” Kilgore said.