Stepping Stones student Adrian “Ian” Mays (right) and Stepping Stones Office Manager Alyssa Lynch pose for a photo with Ian’s first book, “Adrian’s Secret Super Powers,” published in August.

Many writers spend a lifetime hoping to get their first book published. Stepping Stones Educational Therapy Center student Adrian “Ian” Mays is not one of them.

Diagnosed with Autism Spectrum Disorder at the age of 4, the 9-year-old had his first book, “Adrian’s Secret Super Powers,” published in August.

In the author’s biography section of the book it explains that Ian, “has had a hard time feeling accepted by others. He copes with the challenges he faces by using his favorite blanket to comfort him and transform him into his very own superhero.”

Ian’s mother, Adrienne Mays, elaborated from there.

“Ian has always liked superheroes and he has always loved to write,” Adrienne. “He does a lot of different types of writing with his therapist.”

“So he (did) a type of journal,” added Adrienne. “So he started piecing together some ideas and I kind of cleaned it up for him and now we have a book.”

The process didn’t take long.

“He wrote most of it in March,” Adrienne said. “We finished it up probably like in June, sent it to the editors in July and the illustrators in July and got it printed in August.”

Ian dedicated the 16-page book to his grandpa.

On the dedication page it simply reads, “To my grandpa, thanks for always being my superhero.”

Ian, who was wearing a Super Mario T-shirt during the interview, said his favorite superhero in the movies is Spider-Man.

None of this surprises most of the folks from Stepping Stones who know Ian.

“He is in our Academy 3 class, and he’s a very smart young man, a hard worked and a very talented writer,” said Ken Bozeman, Stepping Stones Program Director.

Alyssa Lynch, Stepping Stones Office Manager said, “I love the concept of the book — that he’s a superhero and that he’s embracing it.”

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Now all that remains is for Adrian to write another book.

“He’s working on another book,” his mother said of her only child.

The topic of the next book? Adrian’s dog, Max. The boxer is illustrated on numerous pages throughout “Adrian’s Secret Super Powers” including on the cover.