The Griffin Police Department is investigating separate reports of shots being fired Tuesday into three city residences.

No injuries were reported in connection with the three incidents.

Police responded at about 6:15 a.m. Tuesday to a North 16th St. residence in reference to a drive-by shooting that had occurred about 30 minutes earlier, according to a GPD incident report. Officers at the scene found several bullet holes in the residence and in a vehicle parked at the home.

Officers “began marking as many shell casings as we could,” the report states, and officers found several shell casings on the roadway of North 16th St.

Individuals inside the home at the time of the shooting told officers they did not call 911 at the time because “they did not think anything of it,” the report states. Another individual arrived home and called 911 after noticing the damage to the residence and the vehicle.

The GPD then responded at about 9 p.m. Tuesday to a report of a single bullet traveling through a window of a West Quilly St. residence. Officers reported hearing multiple gunshots a few minutes after arriving at the scene, and another officer said he heard another round of multiple gunshots and a reported shotgun blast that appeared to come from directly behind the residence.

Three individuals in the residence at the time of the incident told officers they only heard one popping noise prior to the officers’ arrival and found one reported bullet hole in the front window.

Officers, however, reportedly observed more than 10 bullet holes in the front of the house, and a damaged bullet was found on a couch located in the home’s living room. Two additional holes were found in the front corner wall of the residence, according to an incident report.

“None of the occupants saw a suspect and repeatedly stated that they only heard one shot,” the report stated. “All parties directly involved stated that they did not know why anyone would target their residence, nor did they know of any issues with any unknown person.”

Officers were also dispatched at about 11 p.m. Tuesday to a report of a house on West Broad Street being hit with gunfire and with several people inside the residence.

One individual inside the home told officers she was sitting on the couch when she heard gunfire come from above the living room window and saw the ceiling fan shatter.

“(The individual) stated she did not see anyone or hear any cars leave the area,” an incident report stated.

Two other individuals inside the home at the time of the incident also told officers they did not see anything.

Officers investigating the scene found about 22 shell casings at the intersection of 16th St. and Broad St.