The city of Griffin’s Customer Service Department is now fully reopened after being closed during the height of the COVID-19 pandemic.

Customers are now able to use the Hill Street entrance.

In order to protect city customers and employees from potential COVID exposure, the city is asking everyone entering the building to practice social distancing by maintaining at least six feet of distance from others.

Masks are not required inside the building, but the city is strongly suggesting wearing them, not only to protect individual customers but city employees as well.

The city also encourages citizens to utilize the city’s online services to reduce the number of people inside the building.

While the city has paid over $200,000 in unbudgeted fees, service fees have now been reinstated.

“We understand this decision is unfavorable for most citizens, but we can no longer waive the fee without significant impact to the budget. There is still no fee for automatic bank draft,” according to a statement issued by the city.