What makes you the best candidate for the position?

I am the best candidate because I offer voters the honest representation that they deserve. My years having served as a city commissioner has taught me that being approachable, available, and passionate about the lives of the people in my district are keys to creating major change throughout this city. I have firsthand knowledge of many of the problems faced by minorities in our city; I didn’t grow up rich so I’ve had to learn how to make a lot out of a little like so many people in the city are doing daily. I bring real-life experience and deep commitment to the representation of District 1.

What is the single-most challenging issue facing the City of Griffin today?

The single most challenging issue facing the City of Griffin is the need to restructure how the Police Department interacts with the community. I would like to see the start of community policing, which will allow for relationship building and the development of trust within the community. Current national events show that there is a huge divide between citizens and the police. I would like to see the City of Griffin set a new standard for more citizen-oriented policing that truly serves all people.

What will be some of your priorities if elected?

If re-elected, my priorities will be to continue removing substandard housing WHILE supporting new housing initiatives and to bring community policing back to the City of Griffin. I pride myself on challenging the status quo, and I envision my next term as additional opportunities to stand as an advocate and as a challenger of potentially unfair decisions made by the Board of Commissioners.