Two school zone safety cameras to be used for automated speed enforcement have been approved for areas adjacent to Crescent Road Elementary School and Griffin High School.

The City of Griffin Board of Commissioners approved the cameras at its April 13 meeting.

“The cameras are designed primarily for speed and traffic enforcement,” Griffin Police Chief Mike Yates told commissioners. “We anticipate their installation will slow traffic down considerably.”

The cameras will also reduce the number of law enforcement officers currently assigned daily to the two school zones.

A pilot study of the traffic patterns in the two areas determined that the use of cameras would facilitate an improvement in safety. The study found that over a three-day period, around 1,200 motorists were going over the speed limit at some capacity, Yates added.

The cameras will be operational for speed enforcement during school zone safety hours, and citations will not result in points against a driver’s record, Yates explained. A 30-day warning period will be put in place once the cameras are installed before any citations are issued.

“Our desire is to change people’s behavior and slowing down and not generating revenue,” Yates said.