The suspect arrested Saturday in an entering auto case was misidentified as Onterious Sims because the suspect had Sims’ identification in his wallet at the time of his arrest, according to a Griffin Police Department statement issued Thursday afternoon.

After the suspect was processed and fingerprinted at the Spalding County Jail, the offender’s true identity was determined to be Randy Grier, 41, of Jackson.

“Our most sincere apologies to Mr. Sims. To be clear, Mr. Sims was not involved in the entering auto case from Saturday, Sept. 5, 2021,” according to Thursday’s statement. “All charges against Mr. Sims have been dismissed.”

Grier’s arrest was made around 11:30 p.m. Saturday after GPD officers responded to a reported entering auto in progress call on South Hill Street. The suspect then fled the scene on foot after he made eye contact with a GPD officer, stated a GPD press release issued Tuesday.

Additional officers joined the pursuit, apprehending the suspect. The suspect was observed reportedly throwing something on the ground, which was determined to be a handgun not registered to Grier.

Grier is facing charges of entering auto, drug possession and possession of a stolen weapon. A charge of giving a false name to law enforcement has been added as well.