'You’re valuable. You matter. You’re not alone.'

Chan Creswell, a University of Georgia senior majoring in political science from Griffin, was the student Commencement speaker May 13-15.


Chan Creswell wants the class of 2021 to know — “You’re valuable. You matter. You’re not alone.”

Creswell, a graduating senior majoring in political science from Griffin, was the student commencement speaker May 13 through 15, speaking all three nights. He hopes to bring a little more joy to the day — even if the looks a little different this year.

“I wanted to give the speech because people need encouragement right now,” he said. “Life is tough, and graduation should be a joyful experience.”

Creswell, an Honors student, learned the importance of encouragement because of the pandemic. “I never saw myself as an encourager before,” he said. “I have realized that it’s important to encourage people and have seen my ability to do that. I want to encourage graduates they are not alone even though it’s a tough time.”

His speech will talk about the importance of community and how valuable the people around you are.

He’ll also discuss his journey at UGA.

For Creswell, the highlight of his time at UGA has been the community he’s built and gotten to be a part of — Student Government Association, Chi Alpha Student Ministries, his political science classmates, roommates and neighbors.

“The real value is found in your friends, your community of people who love you,” he said. “The real achievement is having people who care about you and caring about other people.”