A groundbreaking ceremony was held Tuesday for the Fairmont-Rosenwald History Center. Above: Officials break ground on the Fairmont-Rosenwald History Center. Below: Fairmont alumni pose for a group picture after the ceremony.

Head coach or no head coach, the show goes on for the Griffin High football team, which is in the middle of spring practice as the school tries to find the Bears next head coach.

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ATLANTA — Gasoline prices could be headed up at the start of the summer driving season following the shutdown of a major pipeline hit by a cyberattack.

    Subsidized day care and universal pre-K are goals that sound so wholesome only a ghoul could oppose them. Especially in an era when Democrats and Republicans have achieved consensus that money grows on trees, who could possibly object to spending a few hundred billion or so, as Biden has pro…

    LOS ANGELES — Norman Lloyd, whose role as kindly Dr. Daniel Auschlander on TV’s “St. Elsewhere” was a single chapter in a distinguished stage and screen career that put him in the company of Orson Welles, Alfred Hitchcock, Charlie Chaplin and other greats, has died. He was 106.

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